Navy of Arimathea

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Grand Ducal Navy of Arimathea
Thalka Serekh Berdar Arimathëka
Arimathea navy.png
Seal of the Grand Ducal Navy
Country Arimathea
AllegianceGrand Duke of Arimathea
BranchMilitary of Arimathea
Naval baseDargai
EngagementsGreat Astyrian War
Trophy Wars
Commander in ChiefJosev VII Belimos

The Grand Ducal Navy of Arimathea (Trellinese: Thalka Serekh Berdar Arimathëka), commonly known simply as the Navy of Arimathea, is the maritime force of Arimathea and one of its military's three standing branches. Its main base is at Dargai.


Great Astyrian War

Arimathean dreadnoughts at the Imperial Fleet Review, 1919

Prelude and rearmament

Arimathea's performance at the Imperial Fleet Review of Amadar IV, held in the summer of 1919, was widely considered an embarrassment for the entire nation. The warships the navy was able to send proved ill-maintained and outdated, as several of the Tasarin-class dreadnoughts suffered engine troubles and one began listing mid-review. Several popular military journals wrote Arimathea off entirely as a naval power. This spurred the government and admiralty to begin a new programme of refurbishment and construction, laying down and launching thirty one new warships over the following 18 months. At the outbreak of war, the Grand Duchy's navy included nine refitted Tasarins and eight Barezh-class dreadnoughts, and a further one hundred and twenty two other warships.[1]


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