Operation Eghtedar-e Entegham

Operation Eghtedar-e Entegham
Operation Power of Revenge
Part of Tsabaran Civil War
Retaliation for the 2020 Mazar Attacks
TypeDrone and missile strike
TargetLions of the HomelandEmblem.png Lions of the Homeland
Date23-24 January 2020
Executed byZorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Air Force and Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Land Forces
OutcomeMilitarily unknown
Casualties233 (per Tsabaran government)
188 killed
33 injured

On 23 and 24 January 2020, under Operation Eghtedar-e Eghtedam (Pasdani: عملیات لیلةالقدر‎; lit. Operation Power of Revenge), Zorasan's Revolutionary Army Air Force and Revolutionary Army Land Forces launched five drone and two land attack cruise missile strikes respectively, from domestic bases targeting Lions of the Homeland forces in four provinces of Tsabara, in response to the terrorist attacks in Tsabara, against ethnic Badawiyans six days prior. Next day, the ZIRA published aerial videos recorded by flying drones flying during the operation, confirming that the strikes had successfully hit the targets with precision. This coincided with local Tsabaran government and media reports confirming that injured persons were identified as suspected members of the Lions group.

The operation killed 177 members of the Lions and 11 civilians, including Shimshon Alon, a sitting Tsabaran Senator and posthumously confirmed, political chief of the Lions group. The operation also destroyed two key weapons stores used by the Lions, and a training camp in rural Karmiel province. In an official statement, the Zorasani government claimed the operation was in retaliation for the 2020 Mazar Attacks which killed 249 Badawiyan-Irfani, and five Zorasani military officers, including General Amir Meyghani.



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