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Ostro-Ludzic (Common Ostrozavan: Ostroludzky, Standard Ludzic: Ostreludski) is a West Slavic language and is the primary official language of Ostrozava and holds co-official status in Drevstran. A pluricentric language, Ostro-Ludzic has been standardized into three mutually-intelligible standard varieties: Ostrozavan, Ludzic and Simerian.

The term Ostro-Ludzic has been used throughout the centuries to refer to a plethora of diverging and evolving dialects spoken by the Slavic peoples in and around the Transkarminian region and Lake Kupalnitsa, chiefly the Ostrozavan and Ludzic peoples which settled into the northern shores of the lake on both sides after the fall of Tervingia. Though Polnitsan has occasionally been included in the Ostro-Ludzic continuum, most scholars omit it from the category due to its general lack of mutual intelligibility with most other dialects of Ostro-Ludzic.