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Ozeros University

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Ozeros University
Oniversiten'ny Ranomasina, ꦕꦺꦴꦭꦭꦼꦒꦼ ꦺꦴ ꦠꦲꦼ ꦱꦼꦄ
“Fanitarana Faravodilanitra”, “ꦒꦫꦺꦴꦮꦶꦤꦒ ꦲꦺꦴꦫꦶꦂꦺꦴꦤꦱ”
Motto in English
“Expanding Horizons”
TypePublic International University System
FounderKhalil Lildirassat
Parent institution
Association of Ozeros Nations
Campus10 campuses under direct control, two affiliated law schools, four national laboratories.

The Ozeros University System (Nylela: Oniversiten'ny Ranomasina, OR) is a public higher education university system developed by the Association of Ozeros Nations. The international system comprises campuses at Tau Harimua, Haqara,Waikole, …along with numerous research centers and academic abroad centers. Major publications have listed the Ozeros University System as hosting some of the best opportunities for study abroad, dual-degree, and transfer flexibility mechanisms throughout the world. OU campuses often host separate program orientation styles, but the system’s campuses host distinguished faculty of all academic disciplines.

The Ozeros University System currently has 9 campuses, with its newest campus, Sambava, opening in the Fall of 2006. These campuses host both undergraduate and graduate programs, with some universities also hosting specialized vocational training programs that are unique to their location. OR is governed by a Board of Regents whose autonomy from the governing presidency of AON is protected in the organization’s constitution. The Ozeros University also manages and co-manages national laboratories for several AON member states.

The Ozeros University System was founded on August 2nd, 1945, and saw the appointment of regional chancellors in 1975 that would allow a greater deal of autonomy for additional campuses.

One of the former founding universities, the Ozeros University, Haqara, was an existing campus and member of the system until the Fahrani Civil War, where then-president Souheil Haidan, was pronounced deceased during an evacuation of the student body, and the body was considered in stasis as the membership of Fahran in AON was suspended.






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