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Prime Directorate for Civil Protection
Primární Ředitelství pro Civilní Ochranu
Official PRCO Seal
Agency overview
FormedNovember 14, 1941; 79 years ago (1941-11-14)
Typedomestic and foreign intelligence agency
HeadquartersKymorín Building, 224 Torsfeld Avenue, Karsko
MottoVždy Verný
Always Faithful
Agency executive
  • Gregor Hornický, Interim Director
Parent Regulatory BodyPrime Defense Council

The PRCO (Ostro-Ludzic: Primární Ředitelství pro Civilní Ochranu, tr. Prime Directorate for Civil Protection) is the primary security agency of the Prime Republic of Ostrozava. As a direct successor of the preceding Council for Informational Warfare, the PRCO is subsurvient to the Prime Defense Council, which is itself mediated by the Ostrozavan Supreme Court and Primar. Its main functions are domestic intelligence, foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, operative-investigatory activities, and organization and security of government communications. Although formerly able to exert its power as a secret police force, the Bartoș-Nabornek Act of 1969 formally ended its ability to bypass legal rights enshrined in the Ostrozavan Social Contract, while also placing the agency under the jurisdiction of the newly-created Prime Defense Council.

Domestically, the PRCO's reign as a brutal secret police force is generally associated with the Socialist-party-led Second Party Compact; the PRCO's brazen use of intimidation tactics on law-abiding citizens has long colored the agency both domestically and internatonally with a reputation of underhandedness and immorality. The agency is often considered to be a paramilitary service in the vein of the Ostrozavan Civil Guard. While most of its historical and current activities have remained enigmatic to the public eye, sporadic leaks of data, and two Prime-Government-mandated releases of information have kept the agency semi-transparent in the eyes of the media.

Although known to have been active in limited capacity post-Neutrality in the 2005 Polnitsan War, the PRCO has most recently been embroiled in the 2020 PRCO crisis, as part of the broader political crisis caused by the Volf disclosures.