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International Democratic Revolution

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International Democratic Revolution
LeaderAlbin Volf (2008-2018)
Arnt Andelfingen (2011-present)
Silmi al-Hares (20??-present)
Paldon Namdak (2016-present)
Foundation10 July 2008
Dates of operation2008 (2008) – 2018 (2018) (student wing)
2011 (2011) – present (present) (militant wing)
MotivesAbolition of global monarchy
Active regionsBelisaria
Insurrectionary anarchism
Radical republicanism
Means of revenuePRCO
(see Volf disclosures)

The International Democratic Revolution (IDR, Ostro-Ludzic: Medzinarodnă Demokratickă Revoluția, Latin: Seditio Internationalis Democratica), also known as the Namdak-Andelfingen Group since 2019, is a broadly left-wing political movement and paramilitary organization of Belisarian origin. Although it originated as a student activist group at the Academy of Humanities in Ostrozava headed by film auteur and philosophy professor Albin Volf, it soon expanded to have a global reach, with several prominent ex-military leftists joining between 2008 and 2011, including Gariman ex-general Arnt Andelfingen, Gharibic mercenary Silmi al-Hares, and Unionite expatriate Paldon Namdak. The group states its goals to be the abolition of global monarchy and authoritarianism, with the 2005 election of Muratagi Eijiro in Enyama being cited by Volf as a catalyst for the organization's founding.

The organization has taken many forms depending on the nature of local leadership and uneven political disposition of members. The two largest cells until 2019 included the polarizing Volf Group, operating out of North Ottonia, and the paramilitary Namdak-Andelfingen Group, operating out of Elatia. Several smaller cells are also purported to operate throughout the larger world. The IDR are the chief suspects in the 2013 Valegoria hostage crisis, 2016 attempted assassination of Yisraeli President Noah Feldman, and the 2018 failed hijacking of RCA Flight 87. The IDR are also known to operate as a low-level insurgency in the Hvalheim and parts of Viggotoro Province in Enyama.

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