Parish White

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Parish White
Parish Amreli White
Parish White in 2004
In office
5 August 1986 – 30 June 2005
Preceded byJonatán Atenas
Succeeded byFrederick Armbar
Personal details
Born3 March 1926
Ivora, West Chanchajilla
Died30 June 2005 (aged:89)
Military service
Branch/serviceWest Chanchajillan Army
Years of service1963–2005
RankField Marshal

Parish Amreli White was a West Chanchajillan revolutionary and politician who served as President of the People's Republic from 1986 until his death in 2005. Under his administration, West Chanchajilla became a one-party communist state; industry and business were nationalized, and state socialist reforms were implemented throughout society. He became known around the Coalition of Crown Albatross as a dictator, although many communist and socialist countries found favor with his government. He was known for international incidents like the Treviso Nuclear Crisis and moments of tension with East Chanchajilla and Zamastan. He supported communist governments in Ossinia, De Yuan, Beleroskov, as well as rebels in Vulkaria during the first and second civil wars.

In 2005, Parish White passed away, paving the way for his mentee, Frederick Armbar, to take his place. Armbar carried on most of White's policies, but created a cult of personality around himself and the government, leading to a deterioration in the West Chanchajillan economy and social structure.

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President of West Chanchajilla