Parliament of Kerlile

Parliament of Kerlile
FoundedMay 31, 1943 (1943-05-31)
Rebecca Arnott (Reform Party)
since 08 July 2019
Political groups
Last election
17 May 2015
Meeting place
Parliament of Kerlile, Grapevale, Kerlile

The Parliament of Kerlile is a body elected by all women in Kerlile over the age of 18, from a list of candidates pre-approved by the Council of Kerlile. The Council can dismiss any MP they wish at any time, and also have the power to arbitrarily dissolve Parliament.

The Council reserved the right to screen all potential candidates for Parliament and veto any they did not like. Therefore, the Parliament is consistently made up of only supporters of the Council, and is unlikely to challenge the Council, which remains in existence and acts as a second chamber of the legislature.

The Parliament is responsible for the passage of laws pertaining to education, healthcare and other everyday issues, however matters of national security remain the purview of the Council. The Council may also pass laws on these issues and may veto any law passed by the Parliament.