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Grand Duchy of Polnitsa

Polnitske Wulkowójwodstwo (Polnitsan)
Großherzogtum Polnitsa (Gariman)
Flag of Morinia-Polnitsa
Coat of Arms of Morinia-Polnitsa
Coat of Arms
Motto: motto
Anthem: Anthem
Location of Morinia-Polnitsa (dark green)– in Belisaria (dark grey)
Location of Morinia-Polnitsa (dark green)
– in Belisaria (dark grey)
Political Map of Morinia-Polnitsa
Political Map of Morinia-Polnitsa
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy in a personal union
Louis Ferdinand I
Adam Hospod
LegislatureNational Council
Establishment history
• Duchy of Upper Milsko
c. 800
• Grand Duchy
c. 1344
• 2019 estimate
CurrencyZłoty (zł) (PZL)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+499
ISO 3166 codePOL
Internet TLD.po

Polnitsa (Polnitsan: Polnitske Wulkowójwodstwo; Gariman: Großherzogtum Polnitsa) is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy in central Belisaria. It is located along Lake Kupalnitsa, and is bordered by Garima in the west, Milostia to the south, and Verbiza to the north. It is one of the smallest sovereign states in Belisaria, both in area and population. Polnitsa has been in a personal union with the Electorate of Morinia, a neighboring substate of Garima.

During the Early Medieval period, Polnitsa was established as a tributary to XXXX. In 1499, a revolt led by local nobleman Boleslaw Lȇsorn succeeded in achieving independence from XXXX, and became the first Grand Duke of Polnitsa. The House of Lȇsorn ruled Polnitsa for the next two centuries until it was followed by the House of Moricia, who ruled neighboring Morinia. A personal union between Morinia and Polnitsa was established in 1706 with the marriage of Maximilian I, Elector of Morinia and Catherine, Duchess of Polnitsa. Various attempts were made to centralize the two realms throughout history, though faced hard resistance from factions in both countries and Garima. Polnitsa's status as an independent realm has long been challenged, most recently during the Milostian-Polnitsan War in XXXX, where the country was occupied by Milostian forces until they were driven out by an allied coaliton of Belisarian states. Currently, demilitarized border zone exists between Polnitsa and Milostia.

Though an independent state, unlike Morinia, the two realms remain in a personal union, with the Grand Duke of Polnitsa ruling as the Elector of Morinia under the King of Garima. Its legislature and most ministerial offices have been controlled by a coalition of the League of Democrats and Farmers and the Green-Socialist Alliance, since 2015. Polnitsa has a population of 3,950,421, making it the smallest sovereign state on the Belisarian continent. It is a member of the Forum of Nations, and XXXX.