Forum of Nations

Forum of Nations

Flag of Forum of Nations
Emblem of Forum of Nations
Map showing the member states of the Forum of Nations
Map showing the member states of the Forum of Nations
HeadquartersCastellum ab Alba (international territory)
Official languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership52 member states
2 observers
• Secretary-General
• Deputy Secretary-General
• General Assembly President
5 May 1966 (54 years ago) (1966-05-05)
• FON Charter signed
26 June 2011 (8 years ago) (2011-06-26)
• Charter entered into force
24 October 2012 (7 years ago) (2012-10-24)

The Forum of Nations is an intergovernmental organization charged with prompting international cooperation, peace and stability. The organization was formed on 1 January 2012, as the successor to the Periclean Forum, assuming much of it's predecessor's administrative headquarters, specialized agencies, and directives. It is headquartered in Castellum ab Alba, which is subject to extraterritoriality, and maintains other main offices in Reze CITY, Tsuru CITY, Ghish, and Thessalona. Its stated goals are to preserve international peace and security, promote human rights, foster economic development, and provide humanitarian aid.

The Forum of Nations was first founded on 5 May 1966 as the Periclean Forum after the signing of the Treaty of Castellum. As the Periclean Forum, it's objectives were similar to its modern successor by promoting stability throughout the Periclean Sea basin, which included projects towards conservation, preventing piracy, and human rights. As membership in the Periclean Forum expanded beyond the Periclean Sea, and basin, it became an international forum for nations throughout the world. By 2010, the Periclean Forum included a near worldwide membership, with calls for the organization to reform into a global forum. In 2011, the Forum of Nations Charter was established, and entered into force on 24 October 2012.

The Forum of Nations has X administrative organs: the General Assembly (a deliberative body); the Secretariat (administrative apparatus, provides studies and facilities); and FON specialized agencies (including United Development Bank, World Organization of Health and Disease, IBEST, and the Human Rights Council. The most prominent figure within the Forum of Nations is the Secretary-General, which is currently held by XXXX, a former {position} from {nation}.



The FON consists of X administrative organs: the General Assembly, the Secretariat, and specialized agencies. The FON has seven official languages: Anglic, Audonic, Latin, Rezese, and Tsurushiman, which are used during meetings. Per the FON Charter, the FON and its organs and agencies are immune from the laws of their host nation, allowing the FON to operate impartially towards host and member nations.

Administrative organs

The Secretariat is the headquarters and the chief administrative apparatus of the FON, and is located in Castellum ab Alba, Latium, and maintains a chamber for select meetings of the General Assembly. The Secretariat is located at 1 Via Nationes forum, in the Aureliana district of Castellum. It also maintains regional offices in CITY1, CITY2, and CITY3 in order to facilitate the organizations objectives, and activities. The headquarters and regional offices all maintain the privilege of extraterritoriality. The General Assembly was created in 2012, and is primarily based in Fakolanum, where it serves as the FONs primary deliberative body. Other major agencies and organs of the FON are located throughout the world.

Specialized agencies

Organizations and specialized agencies of the Forum of Nations
No. Acronym Agency Headquarters Head Established in
1 IBEST International Bureau of Education, Science, and Traditions  Sydalon Ostracine, Sydalon PLACEHOLDER 1972
2 HRC Human Rights Council Ghant Ghish, Ghant PLACEHOLDER 2016
3 IAEI International Atomic Energy Agency Belfras Delphoria, Belfras 1977
4 UDB United Development Bank Yisrael Dervaylik, Yisrael Gristol-Serkonos Raven Iakonie:ien 2001
5 WOHD World Organization of Health and Disease Sante Reze Ca' Venturin, Sante Reze PLACEHOLDER 1955
6 WPU World Postal Union Laitstadt, Besmenien 1935
7 ITU Intercontinental Telecommunications Union Ostrozava Karsko, Ostrozava PLACEHOLDER 1995
8 ITO International Trade Organization PLACEHOLDER Sante Reze 1994
9 CDNP Conference for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation PLACEHOLDER 1951
10 ICAA International Civil Aviation Agency Gristol-Serkonos Garafraxa, Gristol-Serkonos PLACEHOLDER 1951



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