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Maria of Latium

Princess Maria
Princess of Latium
Maria of Latium.jpg
Princess Maria in 2018
Born (1990-07-03) 3 July 1990 (age 29)
Palatium Supranio, Adrianople, Latium
  • Andreas Claudius
Full name
Maria Claudia Christina Sophia Constantia
FatherJason VI Augustus of Latium
MotherStephania Pinaria
ReligionFabrian Catholic
Sports career

Princess Maria of Latium (Maria Claudia Christina Sophia Constantia; b. 3 July 1990) is the oldest child and daughter of Latin Emperor Jason VI Augustus and his first wife, Stephania Pinaria. She is currently fourth in line to the Latin throne.

Maria is a graduate of the Empress Alexandra College at University of Castellum Iohannes XIII, obtaining degrees in Sociology and Religious Studies. Maria has undertaken more Imperial duties since 2005, becoming the head of a number of charitable organizations based in Latium, and throughout Belisaria, including the National Imperial Foundation for Children. Maria is an accomplished equestrian and has participated numerous domestic and international equestrian events and tournaments, including a second place finish at the 2010 Ludi Circenses. She is also a prominent advocate of healthy eating and fitness, having participated in the annual Leonopolis Marathon since 2006. In 2014, Maria was the presiding officer of the Transvectio Equitum ceremonies.

Early Life

Princess Maria was born on 3 July 1990 at Palatium Supranio, in Adrianople, Latium as the eldest child of then Jason, Prince of Youth and his wife Stephania Pinaria. Maria was baptized 12 August 1990 at Sancta Sapientia, in Castellum, by Archbishop Flavius Hostillius of Castellum. At her christening, her godparents were Prince Theodosius (her paternal uncle) and Theodosia Pinaria (her maternal aunt). As the daughter of the Latin heir apparent, Maria was styled as ''Princess of Youth'' from her birth until her father's ascension to the throne in 1997. She was named Maria after her great-grandmother Marie Christine of Épernon. She was primarily raised in Adrianople at Palatium Supranio for the first seven years of her life.

Barely two weeks after her first birthday, Maria's mother, Stephanie, was killed in a car accident while visiting the city Heraclea on an official Imperial Family visit.


Maria began her education in Adrianople, first enrolling at St. Silvester Academy for her primary education in 1995. She would continue her education at St. Silvester until the death of her grandfather in 1997, when her family moved to Castellum. Maria would complete the remainder of her primary schooling at St. Michael's in suburban Castellum, and would to attend for the remainder of her pre-tertiary education. Maria has stated that she enjoyed science courses during secondary school, earning mostly A or B level grades.

During secondary school, Maria expressed interest in attending a number of schools, most notably University of Castellum Iohannes XIII, Arminium College, Imperial University of Lyncanestria, University of Haenna and University of Utica. She never explicitly stated which was her school of preference, but later enrolled at Empress Alexandra College, Castellum for fall 2009. During her first year at Castellum, Maria resided in student housing, a first for any member of the Imperial family, and would even live with her cousin, Princess Melisende of Petra, during her final year of schooling. She focused her studies on sociology and religious studies. In 2008 and before attending Castellum, Maria took a gap year and travelled to Fabria, Lyncanestria, Lihnidos, and Sydalon.

Maria participated in a number of student activities throughout her time at Castellum, mostly relating to community service and outreach, though was the president of the university's equestrian club during her final school year. Following an incident involving paparazzi, which resulted in two arrests for an invasion of Maria's privacy, the Emperor's Counsel announced that they would not press charges against the two reporters. It was later announced that Imperial Offices had reached a deal to provide regular updates to the press on Princess Maria in exchange for no further invasions of her privacy - there would be no further incidents with the press.

Imperial Duties

Princess Maria during 2013 Ludi Circenses.

Princess Maria first began undertaking Imperial duties after finishing secondary school. However, her first official duty was in 2000 when she traveled to Sarepta, Sydalon with her father for two millennia anniversary of the birth of Jesus. A month after her eighteenth birthday, Maria was appointed as a Counsellor of State, allowing her to attend regularly international functions on behalf of her father. Maria has been involved in a number of charitable organizations since undertaking Imperial duties, serving as the president of no fewer than ten since 2012.

Maria has also served as a chairperson for numerous athletic events, including several marathons and even a brief stint as a chairperson for the Latin Football Federation.

Personal life

Sporting career

Maria has participated in equestrian tournaments since she was 6 years old, and most notably in the equitation and eventing events during Ludi Circenses from 2009 through 2016. She qualified for the AEF World Championship in 2008, 2009, and 2013, though never finished above sixth in any given year. She often attends prominent equestrian events throughout the world, both to spectate and participate. Her highest placement at Ludi Circenses came in 2010, where she finished second in the eventing event. Her next highest finish was 2014 when she placed third in eventing and fifth in show jumping. She participates in a charity polo match put on by the Prince of Youth Foundation every year.

Maria has qualified for Ludi Circenses from 2007 through 2016. She did not participate in 2017, but qualified again in 2018 when she finished 21st in women's individual eventing.

Maria is also a football fan, and a supporter of her family's club, FC Imperialis Ianiculum.


Like many members of her family, Maria's personal life has often been subject to considerable media coverage. Following a personal visit by her parents and other members of the Imperial family to Ghant in 1990, speculation was growing that talks had taken place to see a match between Maria with then Prince Imperial, now Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant. These initial rumors ultimately amounted to nothing, with the vacation only culminating in the controversial relationship between her aunt, Princess Isabella of Latium, and John, Crown Prince of Ghant.

Throughout her childhood, rumors persisted that a match between Maria and Nathan was being pursued, with Latin betting firms even placing odds on if a betrothal would occur. Many royal commentators and insiders claimed that a match was "extremely unlikely" due to the chilly relations between the Latin Imperial household, particularly Leo, Prince Consort, and Ghantish Imperials Emperor Albert I and his wife Empress Grace. Relations would grow even worse during the reign of Maria's father, Jason VI, and Prince-Regent Albert in Ghant. While Nathan of Ghant ultimately married Sophia of Dakmoor, he and Maria remain close friends to this day.

In 2008, Latin media outlets began to follow Maria's personal life intensely during her first term at University of Castellum. This would eventually culminate in January 2009, when photographs of Maria at parties and on dates with Martin of Dakmoor were released on Cotidie Tabella's website. Imperial Offices quickly responded, saying that the reports were a result of repeated invasions of Maria's privacy by local paparazzi. The controversy eventually garnered a response from Maria's father, Emperor Jason VI Augustus, who promptly attacked Cotidie Tabella and that the Imperial Family would "would seek any and all response at [its] disposal" to ensure Maria's privacy now and in the future. On 12 January 2009, Imperial Offices revoked a number of privileges from Cotidie Tabella, including access to Imperial and Senatorial press conferences. The incident also resulted in the arrests of two paparazzo, who were later charged, fined and later fired. A court order ultimately forced these photographs be taken down.

Maria is believed to have been involved with her second cousin, Charles, Crown Prince of Burgoy, for a brief time in 2010 after the two were seen together in Jugny, Burgoy following a Lyncanestrian equestrian tournament. According to royal insiders in Burgoy and Latium, the two split amicably sometime in late 2010.

In winter 2013, Imperial Offices announced that Maria had entered a relationship with Lord Nicetas Acropolites, then second-in-line to the Dukedom of Acropolites. The pair continued courting though 2014, with Acropolites even accompanying Maria on an international visit to Ghant for the wedding of Nathan IV of Ghant and Sophia of Dakmoor in February of that year. Maria and Acropolites announced their engagement on 27 February 2015; however, Maria announced their separation by January 2016. She has refused to discuss the breakup publicly.

Princess Maria's private villa in Hagia Sophia, southern Latium.

In the spring of 2016, Maria was spotted at Ristorante Ebor, a prominent Castellum-based restaurant, with Latin-born Hellene football star Zeno. When asked, Maria stated it was "nothing more than dinner among friends." A week later, Zeno stated that the two had separated on his social media accounts. Princess Maria denied that they had ever dated.

Engagement to Thomas Anicius

By March 2017, Maria left court in Castellum, for Utica. She made few public appearances until returning to Castellum in October. In October 2017, rumors began to circulate that Maria was courting Prince Thomas of Ossonoba. It is believed the two became a couple during her time away from court. This was later confirmed by Maria's spokesman in November 2017. It was believed Maria and Thomas were living together prior to their marriage, though did not make their first public appearance until her brother's wedding on 8 December 2017.

Their engagement was announced in January 2018. In December 2018, she gave birth to a son, Andreas. However, her engagement to Ossonoba came to an end a month later in January 2019, where she announced Andreas would utilize "Claudius" as his surname.

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 3 July 1990 – 20 May 1997: Her Highness Princess Maria of Youth
  • 20 May 1997 – present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Maria

As a Latin princess and daughter of a Sovereign, Maria does not utilize a surname. If Maria were to utilize a surname, it is likely that she would take on the Claudia name; however, it is also possible that the surname for all children of the Sovereign to simply be "of Latium". For ceremonial and formal purposes, all children of the Monarch - with exception to the heir apparent - are entitled to the rank of "prince" or "princess" after their Christian name followed by the territorial designation "of Latium." As such, Maria is styled as "Princess Maria of Latium". Any territorial designations are normally discarded by females upon their marriage.


  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Winged Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg
  •  Latium: Dame of the Ancient Equestrian Order St.AlexanderOrder-ribbon.svg
  •  Latium: Grand Cross of the Most Noble Order of St. Maria Order of the Most Holy Annunciation BAR.svg

Foreign Honors


Name Birth Death Notes
By Prince Thomas of Ossonoba
Andreas Claudius (2018-12-25) 25 December 2018 (age 13 months)


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Maria of Latium
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