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Heliste is a developing modern-tech roleplaying and worldbuilding region. Heliste is open to all, both new and old looking for coöperative world building and roleplaying. For all those interested in joining us in weaving the stories of our nations, please consider applying or stopping by in our Discord server.

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The Aldia Railway Corporation (Myrian: 阿尔迪亚铁路公司, Romanized: Āěrdíyǎ Tiělù Gōngsī) is the national state-owned railway company & operator in Aldia. The Government of Aldia is the largest shareholder, holding 60% of the company's shares whereas the remaining 40% are publicly traded in the Fanrong Stock Exchange. ARC maintains and administers the country's rail network and operates a fleet of train services through its subsidiary companies such as the ARC High Speed Rail (ARC HSR) which operates a fleet of intercity highs-speed rail trains services and ARC Continental Express which operates mostly conventional intercity train services... (See more...)

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Aldia, (Myrian: 阿尔迪, Romanized: Āěrdíyǎ ), officially the Commonwealth of Aldia ((Myrian: 阿尔迪亚联邦, Romanized: Āěrdíyǎ Liánbāng) , is a confederation of seven constituent states and four territories located in Myria. It is bordered by the Fusou Empire on both its north and north-eastern lands and situated between both the Emporic Ocean and the Anemoisic Oceans to the west and east respectively. Aldia covers an area of 5,654,250 km2 making it the fourth largest country in the world and has a population of approximately 155 million people as of 2015. Aldia is amongst the most southernmost nations in the world and controls a territory close to Antarctica... (See more...)
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Royal Coat of Arms of Asvarre.
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Ongoing: 2016 Aravean-Ghelenic border conflict • Insurgency in Northern Atmora • Halkeginian Union Conference