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President of Aucuria

President of the Aucurian Republic
Coat of arms of Aucuria
StyleThe Honorable
Member ofCabinet of Aucuria
ResidencePresidential Palace
Kalnaspilis, Aucuria
Term lengthFive years
PrecursorKing of Aucuria
FormationMarch 10, 1792
First holderBendiktas Klimantis

The President of the Aucurian Republic (Aucurian: Prezidentas Aukurijos Respublikos, Atlian: Avküriye Cumhuriyeti Başkanı) is the head of state and head of government of Aucuria. The President of Aucuria is the head of the country's executive branch and the commander-in-chief of the Aucurian Armed Forces.

The position was founded in 1792 after the Aucurian Revolution, and was first won by Bendiktas Klimantis that year. A coup led by a former military commander, Žygimantas Ramanauskas, turned the constitutionally-limited office into an autocratic body, but this was reversed by Maksymas Užugiris after the Velvet Revolution. Saulė Valantiejutė, elected in 1982, was the first female holder of the office. Aucuria's longest-serving president was Pijaus Kalnietis, who ruled during Aucuria's single-party period, and its longest-serving freely elected president was Frīdrikas Brazauskas.

The incumbent president is Pantaleimonas Uspelevičius, who was elected in a recall election in 2016.





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