States of Aucuria

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Also known as:
Valstija (in Ruttish)
CategoryFederated state
PopulationsSmallest: Tucatia, 393,577
Largest: Sidabria, 7,244,702
AreasSmallest: Cataris, 10,527.06 km2
Largest: Juoda, 653,156.18 km2
GovernmentState government

The states of Aucuria (Ruttish: Aukurijos valstijos, sing. valstija) are the first-level administrative divisions, of which there are currently nineteen, which together form the Aucurian Republic. These states are accorded a certain degree of autonomy, with their own constitutions and elected governments, shared jurisdiction with the federal government over their territories, and the ability to collect taxes and pass their own civil and criminal laws subordinate to those of the federal government.

Each state is further subdivided into counties, which are in turn further divided into municipalities.


[initial new ruttland-cutinsua stuff, before the provinces - captaincies but most practical administration by kasikai and kurakai]

[ruttish provinces]

[eleven founding states]

[dabrauskas creates three more]

[the remainder steadily trickle in]

Proposals for new states

[proposals for a federal district of kalnaspilis]

[calls for st casimir and catherine islands to get their own state]

[any other proposals]



[state gov't structure]

[relations between state and federal gov't; between state and local gov't]


States of Aucuria
State Name in Ruttish Postcode Flag Capital Largest city Area Population (2014) Density Date of admission № deputies
Bendrieji Laukai Bendrieji Laukai BL Flag of Bendrieji Laukai.png Katniava Katniava 72,619.85 km2 6,269,796 86.34/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 42
Cataris Kataris KA Flag of Cataris.png Vilkietai Vilkietai 10,527.06 km2 766,093 72.77/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 10
Chanchamaya Čančamaja ČA Flag of Chanchamaya.png Čačapojas Suljanas 66,410.58 km2 3,649,056 54.95/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 32
Chucisaca Čukisaka ČU Flag of Chucisaca.png Andavaila Andavaila 32,290.90 km2 3,862,586 119.62/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 32
Juoda Juoda JU Flag of Juoda.png Molėtai Molėtai 653,156.18 km2 1,071,858 1.64/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 14
Kajapas Kajapas KJ Flag of Kajapas.png Velykopolė Velykopolė 29,343.06 km2 2,107,888 71.84/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 22
Kestutia Kestutija KE Flag of Kestutia.png Naujoji Šilokrautė Naujoji Šilokrautė 38,939.21 km2 1,668,940 42.86/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 20
Kunturiri Kunturiri KU Flag of Kunturiri.png Oruras Oruras 68,668.50 km2 1,045,283 15.22/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 14
Leikauskas Leikauskas LE Flag of Leikauskas.png Ačukalas Fresenburgas 107,931.22 km2 1,348,743 12.49/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 16
Magdaliete Magdalietė MA Flag of Magdaliete.png Biržuventis Biržuventis 17,990.74 km2 874,470 48.61/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 12
New Ruttland Naujoji Ruttuija NR Flag of New Ruttland.png Apvaizda Apvaizda 53,176.65 km2 5,717,996 107.53/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 40
Oroncota Oronkota OR Flag of Oroncota.png Pukalpa Pukalpa 50,856.02 km2 578,046 11.37/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 8
Pakrashchia Pakraščija PA Flag of Pakrashchia.png Vykintopolė Vykintopolė 97,080.69 km2 1,645,568 16.95/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 20
Sidabria Sidabrija SI Flag of Sidabria.png Kalnaspilis Kalnaspilis 13,224.02 km2 7,244,702 547.84/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 44
Suduva Suduva SU Flag of Suduva.png Tiškevičiai Tiškevičiai 10,903.33 km2 712,186 65.32/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 10
Šventasis Silvestras Šventasis Silvestras SL Flag of Sventasis Silvestris.png Tauragė Uostas Kuprevičius 23,447.38 km2 1,246,705 53.17/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 16
Šventasis Steponas Šventasis Steponas ST Flag of Sventasis Steponas.png Mariunis Mariunis 43,705.94 km2 3,095,645 70.83/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 28
Šventoji Elžbieta Šventoji Elžbieta EL Flag of Sventoji Elzbieta.png Koncepcija Koncepcija 22,882.90 km2 924,372 40.39/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 12
Tucatia Tukatija TU Flag of Tucatia.png Piliukas Piliukas 100,279.37 km2 393,577 3.92/km2 tbd XX, 1XXX 4