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Velvet Revolution

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Velvet Revolution
Part of the Asterian Spring
Aucurian Velvet Revolution montage.png
Clockwise, from top left: Protesters in Apvaizda hold images of "disappeared" friends and family; attendees of an anti-government rally in Katniava; soldiers staging in Ukumarkis National Stadium; rioters in Apvaizda's Kūdrys Park; protesters breaking through police barricades in Kalnaspilis.
DateDecember 6, 1979 - January 11, 1980
(1 month and 5 days)
Caused by • Authoritarianism
 • Human rights violations
 • Government corruption
 • Censorship
 • Poverty
 • Ethnic inequality
 • Aftermath of the Years of Lead
 • Consequences of the 1979 Coian economic crisis
Methods • Civil disobedience
 • Civil resistance
 • Demonstrations
 • Labor strikes
 • Riots
 • Spontaneous rebellion
Resulted in • Overthrow of the Sprogys regime
 • Trial and jailing of Kalvaitis- and Sprogys-era leaders
 • Release of political prisoners
 • Depoliticization of the Armed Forces
 • Dissolution of the NŽIRA
 • Ratification of a new constitution
 • Restoration of multiparty democracy
Parties to the civil conflict
Aucuria Opposition groups
 • various protest groups and organizations
 • Aucurian Social Democratic Party logo.png Social Democratic Party
 • any other political parties
 • labor unions
 • Democratic Front for the Liberation of Cutinsua logo.png Democratic Front for the Liberation of Cutinsua
 • any other years of lead groups staggering on
Lead figures
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The Velvet Revolution (Ruttish: Aksominė Revoliucija) was a campaign of civil disobedience, civil resistance, and eventually open revolt against the authoritarian regime of Martynas Sprogys, ultimately leading to the reestablishment of multiparty democracy in Aucuria.

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