Princess Delal Hazarasp

Princess Delal
Princess of Iotopha
Princess Delal in 2017
Born (1991-12-01) 1 December 1991 (age 28)
Gauekoizarra, Ghant
Prince Benjamin of Dakmoor (m. 2016)
  • Sophia Hazarasp
  • Princess Elena of Dakmoor
Full name
FatherPrince Jorin Hazarasp
MotherPrincess Baela of Gauekoizarra
Vardanan Apostolic (formerly)
Hazaraspid dynasty
Vardanan coat of arms - Iotophan variant.png

Princess Delal of Iotopha (Vardanan: Դելալ Լորîն; b. 1 December 1991) is a socialite, and the eldest daughter of Prince Jorin Hazarasp and Princess Baela of Gauekoizarra.

Early life

Princess Delal Hazaraspid of Iotopha was born on 1 December 1991 in Gauekoizarra, Ghant to Prince Jorin Hazaraspid and Princess Baela of Gauekoizarra. Her father heir apparent to the Head of the House of Hazaraspid, and pretender to the abolished Iotophan throne. Her paternal great-great uncle, Stepan V was the last King of Iotopha, and she is the 3x great-granddaughter of King Aram VII. She is the 4 siblings, including Ardil, Alaia, and Serwan, and also has two half-sisters. Her grandfather is the President of Hazaraspid Group, a multinational property group.


She was educated privately in Gauekoizarra by tutors until the age of 14, when she began attending boarding school at Pescia Academy in Adrianople, Latium where she earned her baccalaureatus in 2008. She enrolled at Adrianople College, Haenna, graduating in 2012 with a degree in psychology.

Personal life

Delal is one of the more open and prominent members of the House of Hazaraspid, often speaking publicly or on social media about recent Iotophan events despite not being allowed to enter the country. In 2010, she publicly voiced support for the impeachment of Iotophan President Penyamin Bartev after the allegations of corruption and criminal activity were revealed. She has since spoken out against current Iotophan President Anastas Barkhudar, calling him a "tyrannical thug" on her account. Her account has over 1 million followers. Despite current polling in Iotopha against a restoration of the monarchy due to the, Delal holds high favorability among Iotophans aged 15 through 35.

She is said to have a close relationship with her family, mostly her mother and sister. She also holds a Ghantish diplomatic passport, allowing her to freely travel.

Delal appeared on the cover of Ventus Iotopha in 2017, resulting in a spike in popularity for the House of Hazaraspid in Iotopha. She is also a part owner of her family's company, Hazaraspid Group.


Delal is said to be close to her family, including extended family such as cousins. She is referred to as Delly by family and close friends. In 2014, it was revealed she was having an affair with Nicetas Acropolities, who at the time was engaged to Princess Maria of Latium. She and Acropolities were believed to be in a relationship in 2010, leading up to his courtship of Princess Maria. Delal's affair with Acropolities resulted in intense media pressure, though she continued her relationship with Acropolities until 2015 and the birth of her first child, Sophia.

In 2015, Delal returned to Gauekoizarra with her daughter. She began a relationship with Prince Benjamin of Dakmoor, whom she married in 2016. She and Prince Benjamin have on child together, Elena.

Titles, styles and honors

  • 1 December 1991 – present: Her Royal Highness Princess Delal Hazarasp



Name Date of birth Date of death Spouses
By Nicetas Acropolities:
Sophia Hazarasp (2015-07-05) 5 July 2015 (age 4)
By Prince Benjamin of Dakmoor:
Princess Elena of Dakmoor (2017-07-05) 5 July 2017 (age 2)