People's Republic of Pryrus

Coat of arms
Other languagesPryrian, Greek, English
Judaism 92%
Christianity 3%
Other 5%
GovernmentPresidential Constitutional Republic
• President
Nicolas Pyrodsatakicas
• 2020 estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
41,572 Guranis
Driving sideleft
Calling code+939
ISO 3166 codePRY
Internet TLD.pry
  1. Pryrus is regarded as one of the largest hubs for Judaism in Anteria

The People's Republic of Pryrus is a small island nation in Anteria. The small nation is known for it's large Jewish presence, with over 90% of the nations population being Jewish. A nation of little below 200,000 people, Pryrus is a tight community of fishermen, hunters and pilgrims. Most in the nation live in small villages and hamlets around the island with only the capital city of Scosisa with a population exceeding 10,000, with 16,293 inhabitants. Pryrus is thought to be one of Anteria's oldest civilisations, with structures on the island dating back to around 800BCE.



The history of Pryrus dates back to 800BCE when a civilisation of hunter-gatherer fishermen arrived in the nation on boat to inhabit the island. This early civilisation was advanced for it's time, having knowledge of basic boats and irregation. They adopted Judaism at the time too after an explorer travelled to Gassasinia and taught the Pryriots Judaism, which has been the major religion since. This early nation, as advanced as they were, would not stay the same way for too long. At around 400BCE, a drought that, according to records, lasted around 100 years, which halted the development of the nation. During this drought, Pryriots survived almost exclusively on fish and filtered sea water.

The nation remained un-touched, with almost no contact to any other nations, bar small boats from other island nations nearby, which would have traded with the Pryriots. The construction of the capital city began estimated 1050s, from records of the oldest sandstone houses from the area, and immediately became the major settlement of the island