Rossetti family

The Rossetti family is a Gylian political family of Italian descent that has occupied a prominent place in the politics of Alscia and its successor polities the regions of Arxaþ and Alţira. Notable members include Donatella Rossetti, the Governor of Alscia and long-serving Senator, Clarissa Rossetti, the equality minister in the Darnan Cyras government and long-serving Senator, and Veronica Rossetti, the longest-serving Governor of Alţira.


The Rossetti family is of Megelanese origin, and settled in Xevden sometime in the late 19th century.

The founder of the family as a political force was Donatella Rossetti, who amassed far-reaching influence over a seven-decade career as the standard-bearer of Gylian liberalism, making Donatellism its dominant tradition. Her children and relatives followed her example and became involved in politics and public service.

The family's prominence is concentrated in the former Alscian regions of Arxaþ and Alţira, as well as Iárus island, located in Nerveiík-Iárus-Daláyk. Relatively few members have achieved national prominence, most being involved in municipal and regional politics.

Notable defining traits of the family in politics include its strong Italian identity and gynocentrism — women have generally served as matriarchs of the family and provided its most prominent politicians. All Rossettis elected to public office have been members of the National Unity Party.

Notable members