Saarow War

Saarow War
Part of the Hytekojuznik-Mascyllary Wars
Battle of Mars-La-Tour, August 16,1870 by Emil Hünten.jpg
Hytekojuznik cavalry charge Mascyllary lines at the Battle of Köhrburg, 1855
Date17 December 1854 – 10 April 1855
North-western Mascylla

Hytekojuznik victory:

  • Treaty of Karonau
  • Rise of Hytekojuznia as a leading power
  • Beginning of Hyteko-Mascyllary enmity
  • Hytekojuznia annexes Mögtland, Bad Ülerst and Saarow from Mascylla
  • Belligerents
    Margraviate of Hytekia
    Grand Duchy of Visnevas
    Commanders and leaders
    Hans II
    Patrik Lehr
    Udo Plessner
    Robert G. Friedl
    Bernd von Höger
    Franz Helmke
    Lukas I of Mascylla
    Moritz von Purbell
    Erich Meißinger
    Karl von Steuff

    Total deployment:

    • 1,019,277

    Initial strength:

    • 719,266
      • 598,283 regulars
      • 84,381 conscripts
      • 36,602 ragucin

    Peak field army strength:

    • 731,010

    Total deployment:

    • 1,851,266

    Initial strength:

    • 1,320,500
      • 976,800 regulars
      • 211,494 conscripts
      • 132,206 Feldkorps
    Casualties and losses


    • 39,881 dead
    • 70,161 wounded
    • 2,729 missing or captured


    • 169,660 dead
    • 130,323 wounded
    • c. 5,000 missing or captured

    The Saarow War (Hytek: Sarovas karš; Hesurian: Saarowkrieg), also known as the First Hyteko-Mascyllary War and less often the War of 1854, was a major conflict between the Margraviate of Hytekia, who also ruled the Grand Duchy of Visnevas under personal union, and the Kingdom of Mascylla between December 17, 1854 and April 10, 1855. The conflict was the first of the three major Hyteko-Mascyllary Wars of the mid-to-late 19th century, along with the Konreid Campaign and Elpland War.

    The war was brought about by Hytek ambitions in Mascylla, aiming to secure the strategic cities in the north-west of the country, but also to assert Hytek dominance over Erdara, something that had been the goal of the rulers of the country ever since Mascylla had unified and established a de facto hegemony over Erdara in 1800. Afraid the balance of power in the region would shift in favour of Hytekojuznia, Mascyllary king X rushed to vehemently defend the cities after Hans II declared war on Mascylla in 1854. The rushed mobilisation of Mascyllary forces as well as modern Hytek tactics - famously those of Patrik Lehr - culminated in a crushing defeat for the Mascyllary forces, who outnumbered the Hytekojuzniks 2 to 1 at the peak of the war, at the Battle of Köhrburg in 1855, causing X to agree to the terms of the Treaty of Karonau, signed in Karonau, Juznia (now Karsuva), which ceded the regions of Mögtland, Saarow and Bad Ülerst to Hytekojuznia as well as other demands of Mascylla, mainly reparations.