Seanad Glaíteann

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Seanad Glaíteann
41st Seanad
Coat of arms or logo
Upper House
of the Tionól
Seanad Composition.png
Political groups
Government (23)

Confidence and supply (1)

Opposition (20)

Other (16)

Length of term
5 years
Last election
26 May 2016
Next election
26 May 2021
Meeting place
Seanad Chamber
Carrowdun Palace, Spálgleann

Seanad Glaíteann (Senate of Caldia) is the upper house of the Tionól, which also comprises the Comhthionól Náisiúnta (the lower house). It is commonly called the Seanad or Senate and its members senators (seanadóirí in Ghaillish, singular: seanadóir). Unlikethe Comhthionól, it is only partially directly elected. More than half of its members are chosen through various methods, typically rooted in appointment. Its powers are considerably more limited than those of the Comhthionól and it can only delay laws with which it disagrees, rather than veto them outright. It has been located, since its establishment, in Carrowdun Palace.


The Seanad has a total of sixty members, of which only twenty six are elected, with each county of Caldia electing one senator. Fifteen of the senators are directly appointed by the taoiseach and serve at his or her pleasure. The Leader of the Opposition can appoint three senators. Ten of the senators are known as the Lairds Spiritual. The nine bishops of the Church of Caldia and the Solarian Catholic Archbishop of Caldia all sit in the seanad. It uncommon for the bishops themselves to take their seats and instead send a representative in their place. The remaining six senators are known as the the Lairds Academia. There is a representative from Caldia's four ancient universities (the University of Spálgleann, the University of Garrafrauns, the University of Invertwinc, and Saint Adomnán's University) as well as the Roryian universities (King's University Clyte and Shanbally University), typically a former rector. The Lairds Spiritual and Academia all sit as independents.

Members of the 41st Seanad

Party/Group Senators
Social Democrats 23
Liberty 15
Centre 4
Forward 1
Nationals 1
Lairds Spiritual 10
Lairds Academia 6
Total 60



The chairperson, or presiding member, of Seanad Glaíteann is the Cathaoirleach (Ghaillish for "chairperson"). The Cathaoirleach is chosen from among the 25 elected seanadóirí but is expected to observe strict impartiality. Despite this, the government will usually try to select one of its own for the position, if its numbers allow. Unlike the Ceann Comhairle of the lower house, the Cathaoirleach stands for reelection. The Cathaoirleach votes as any member of the Seanad would. The current serving Cathaoirleach is Úna Ní Muilleoir of the Social Democrats.

Name Period Seanad
Shannon O'Brien (Liberty) 26 May 2011 - 27 February 2019 40th, 41st
Úna Ní Muilleoir (PSD) 27 February - present 41st



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