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Proposed timeline for AN history. --Orioni (talk) 16:46, 17 August 2022 (UTC)

  • Rise (1954-1968):
    • Event — After a long period of major international conflicts, the AN is founded.
    • Action — The organisation establishes many child agencies. This greatly increases its power and overview.
    • Opinion — The AN is generally trusted by governments and the public.
  • Failure (1968-1980s):
    • Event — AN fails to prevent the Second Argic War.
    • Action — The organisation survives, but with reduced funding and power.
    • Opinion — As a consequence of these failures, the public trust in AN by governments and public is damaged.
  • Irrelevance (1980s-2020s):
    • Event — In following decades of world affairs, the AN forced to take a backseat.
    • Action — The AN is generally unable to stop conflicts before they erupt. They can only assists in dealing with post-conflict problems, such as: refugees and peacekeeping. And also the recovery from natural disasters.
    • Opinion — Public are generally indifferent to the AN, governments trust it to carry out its limited duties.
  • Return (2020s):
    • Event — The Anglian War and other world events.
    • Action — Many governments come together to restore a system of global peace.
    • Opinion — The AN achieves something which many separate nations alone could not achieve on their own.