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Orioni is the user behind the WA nation of Orioni 2. The user has been active in NationStates since 2004. The user began publishing on IIWiki around June 2018.[a] In a first phase, this involved importing factbooks from NationStates. A second phase focussed on rewriting according to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Some articles merited recognition by the IIWiki community. We are grateful to be part of this diverse worldbuilding environment. If you can spare a dollar or two to help maintain the site, please consider supporting IIWiki on Patreon.


These are my RP countries.

And here are a couple of my prize puppets.



  1. Roiters News (January 2006 - present)
  2. The Imperial Navy sets sail (January 2016 - paused)
  3. BS News Channel (February 2016 - present)
  4. Eurth News Headlines (May 2019 - paused)
  5. Gotneskan Cultural Studies (November 2022 - paused)
  6. To the Top of the Wurld (2 December 2022 - present)
  7. Anticipating Anglia (15 December 2022 - present)
  8. Letters to My Brother (29 January 2023 - present)
Recently finished
Recently finished
  1. Exercise Vigilant Twilight (October - December 2022)
  2. 17th EOS Summit (July - November 2022)
  3. Constantinopoli Conference (February - November 2022)

Eurth NPCs

For Eurth, I also maintain the lore for the following NPC countries.

  1.  Ayubi
  2.  Bainbridge Islands
  3.  Burkini
  4.  Damak Var
  5.  Deltannia
  6.  Ide Jima (absent owner)
  7.  Kotowari
  8.  Mekabiri (co-creation with User:Akahades)
  9.  Miiros (absent owner)
  10.  Niederoestereich
  11.  Qubdi (co-creation with User:Tagmatium)
  12.  Rohini
  13.  San Ba
  14.  San Giorgio (co-creation with the Eurth community)
  15.  San Jorge (co-creation with the Eurth community)
  16.  Sunset Sea Islands (absent owner)
  17.  Tamurin
  18.  Volsci (co-creation with User:Tagmatium)
  19.  Zekistan (co-creation with User:Akahades)


Some worldbuilding ideas are not yet ready for publication. These works-in-progress are limited to a sandbox. You are welcome to view this process.

Sandbox Outlined  Edited  Images Layout Spelling Published
Eurth 🧩 ✍️
Orioni 🧩 ✍️
Isthmeia 🧩
Magnate 🧩
History rework 🧩 ✍️ 🖼️
SSI rework 🧩 ✍️
Eurth country setup 🧩 ✍️ 🔤
Guide Duchemin 🧩 ✍️ 🖼️ 📐 🔤
PMC 🧩 ✍️ 🔤
Land Rider 🧩
Space Program 🧩


Various maps were created for my main country. These topical maps are collected here, for my own easy reference. Perhaps they can serve as a source of inspiration to you as well.

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  1. This date includes the previous iteration of IIWiki, hosted on the domain. The community moved to in March 2019.