Tengarian Army

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Tengarian Army
Tангария армия
Suomen Maavoimien tunnus.svg
Country Tengaria
RoleLand warfare
Size59,876 active personnel
33,211 reservists
HeadquartersFort Kovachev, Lenovo
PatronSaint George
St. Vasil the Great
St. Simeon of Tengaria
Motto(s)"никога победен"
"Nikoga Pobeden"
"Never Defeated"
ColorsGold, White and Green
March"Солариан марш"
"Solarian March"
AnniversariesLiberation Day March 4
St. George's Day May 6
Army day September 9
EngagementsIconoclast Wars
Great War
Kabu Civil War
Solarian War
Tengarian Civil War
Simeon Radon
St. Vasil the Great, Vasil II, Simeon Kovachev

The Tengarian Army (Tengarian: Tангария армия), historically known as the Imperial Army (Tengarian: Имперска армия), is the primary military force of Tengaria and the land section of the Tengarian Armed Forces. Its primary duties are to defend the state, to assist keeping order and stability within the state, and to assist allies in armed conflict. One of the oldest armies in existence, it was founded by St. Vasil the Great upon the foundation of the Empire of Tengaria in 1385, and although it is considered to have historical lineage from the non-standing armies of the Grand Prinicipality of Tengaria, largely was a continuation of the military tradition of the Empire of Arciluco and the Solarian Empire. Under the Empire, it was a key player in the Iconoclast Wars and wash able to crush the Green Revolution. During the Great War, it was defeated by Amathia and Ravnia but continued as a resistance movement led by Simeon Kovachev. After the war, the army largely fell under Kovachev's personal control and was instrumental in bringing him to power during the Tengarian Civil War, which also saw the TEngarian Republican Army split away.

Within the current armed forces, it remains highest in order of precedence of the service branches. In addition, it is the most well funded and promoted of all the branches. It is overseen by the Defense Minister Minister of Defense, currently Angel Zlatanev. It works in close conjunction with the Soravian Army and the militaries in Samorspi. Unlike the other Samorpsi militaries, which rely upon conscription, the Tengarian Army is completely professionalized and focuses on troop quality and specialization in warfare.



Great War

Interwar Years

Tengarian Civil War

Kovachev Era




The Army is structured on the old command structure of the Imperial Army; however, severe reductions in troops resulted in the suppression of each of the Imperial Army corps, as well as all but two divisions. After the end of the Tengarian Civil War, the army was raised to be 50,000, in 5 divisions. Due to gradual expansion, a smaller 12th Division was reactivated in 1995 and the II Corps was reinstituted.

  • Army Command (Lenovo)
    • 1st Command Brigade
      • 1st Military Police Battalion
      • 4th Logistics Battalion
      • 2nd NBC Regiment
      • 21st Signal Regiment
  • I Corps
      • 7th Command Battalion
    • 1st Division "The Old Guard" (Lenovo)
      • 3rd Command Regiment
      • 1st Infantry Brigade
        • 1st Infantry Battalion
        • 3rd Infantry Battalion
        • 6th Mechanized Battalion
        • 12th Logistic Regiment
      • 14th Armored Brigade
        • 5th Tank Battalion
        • 7th Tank Battalion
        • 4th Armored Battalion
      • 3rd Artillery Brigade
        • 12th Field Artillery Battalion
        • 2nd Air-defense Artillery Battalion
      • 9th Engineer Regiment
    • 2nd Division "Sotirian" (Drangovo)
      • 5th Command Regiment
      • 21st Mechanized Brigade
        • 3rd Mechanized Battalion
        • 4th Mechanized Battalion
        • 21st Armored Battalion
      • 7th Infantry Brigade
        • 4th Infantry Battalion
        • 12th Infantry Battalion
        • 13th Signal Regiment
      • 9th Artillery Brigade
        • 29th Field Artillery Battalion
        • 13th Air-defense Artillery Battalion
      • 23rd Logistic Battalion
      • 22nd Armored Regiment
    • 5th Division "Victory" (Elena)
      • 10th Command Regiment
      • 16th Armored Brigade
        • 1st Tank Battalion
        • 4th Tank Battalion
      • 25th Mechanized Brigade
        • 1st Mechanized Battalion
        • 2nd Mechanized Battalion
        • 9th Field Artillery Battalion
      • 6th Logistics Brigade
        • 9th Engineer Battalion
        • 13th Logistics Battalion
        • 3rd Signal Battalion
      • 34th Infantry Regiment
  • II Corps
      • 4th Command Battalion
    • 7th Division "Lions" (Silen)
      • 12th Command Regiment
      • 19th Armored Brigade
        • 8th Tank Battalion
        • 3rd Tank Battalion
        • 10th Mechanized Battalion
      • 4th Infantry Brigade
        • 9th Infantry Battalion
        • 10th Infantry Battalion
        • 3rd Supply Regiment
      • 11th Artillery Brigade
        • 31st Field Artillery Battalion
        • 35th Field Artillery Battalion
        • 14th Air-defense Artillery Regiment
    • 9th Division "Elite" (Garna)
      • 15th Command Regiment
      • 22nd Mechanized Brigade
        • 7th Mechanized Battalion
        • 8th Mechanized Battalion
        • 18th Engineer Regiment
      • 5th Infantry Brigade
        • 15th Infantry Battalion
        • 22nd Infantry Battalion
        • 4th Supply Regiment
      • 25th Special Operations Brigade
        • 1st Special Operations Battalion
        • 2nd Special Operations Battalion
        • 15th Logistics Regiment
      • 23rd Armored Regiment
    • 12th Division "Eagles" (Cosmingrad)
      • 20th Command Regiment
      • 7th Artillery Brigade
        • 4th Field Artillery Battalion
        • 8th Air-defense Artillery Battalion
      • 8th Infantry Brigade
        • 36th Infantry Battalion
        • 9th Mechanized Battalion
        • 4th Armored Battalion
      • 14th Signal Regiment


Commissioned Officers

Staff group Rank ECDTO equivalent Badge
Flag Officers
(Флаг офицер; Flag ofitser)
Field Marshal
(Фелд маршал; Feld Marshal)
OF-10 Sotamarsalkka.svg
(Генерал; General)
OF-9 Kenraali M05.svg
Lieutenant General
(Генерал-Лейтенант; General-leytenant)
OF-8 Kenraaliluutnantti M05.svg
Major General
(Генерал-майор; General-mayor)
OF-7 Kenraalimajuri M05.svg
Brigadier General
(Бригаден генерал; Brigaden general)
OF-6 Prikaatikenraali M05.svg
Field Officers
(Полеви офицер; Polevi ofitser)
(Полковник; Polkovnik)
OF-5 Eversti M05.svg
Lieutenant Colonel
(Подполковник; Podpolkovnik)
OF-4 Everstiluutnantti M05.svg
(Майор; Mayor)
OF-3 Majuri M05.svg
Junior Officers
(Младши офицер; Mladshi ofitser)
(Капитан; Kapitan)
OF-2 Yliluutnantti M05.svg
Senior Lieutenant
(Старши лейтенант; Starshi leytenant)
OF-1 Upseerikokelas M05.svg
(Лейтенант; Leytenant)
Upseerioppilas M05.svg

Enlisted Personnel

Staff group Rank ECDTO equivalent Badge
(подофицер; Podofitser)
First Sergeant
(Старшина; Starshina)
OR-8 Sotilasmestari M05.svg
Senior Sergeant
(Старши Сержант; Starshi Serzhant)
OR-7 Ylivääpeli M05.svg
(Сержант; Serzhant)
OR-6 Vääpeli M05.svg
Junior Sergeant
(Младши Сержант; Mladshi Serzhant)
OR-5 Ylikersantti M05.svg
(Капрали; Kapraly)
Senior Corporal
(Старши Капрал; Strashi Kapral)
OR-4 Kersantti M05.svg
(Капрал; Kapral)
OR-3 Alikersantti M05.svg
(войници; Voĭnitsi)
Senior Private
(Старши Редник; Starshi Rednik)
OR-2 Korpraali M05.svg
(Редник; Rednik)
OR-1 Sotamies M05.svg


Armored Vehicles

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Main battle tanks
S-69TA1 Tengaria Main battle tank Active: 30
Reserve: 0
M-84AS1 Takovo 2020 - 01.jpg A modernization of the S-69 tank completed in 2020. Old S-69s are currently being refitted to stand up to this design. Intended as the future generation of tanks for the Army. Each tank battalion has 5.
S-69 Tengaria Main battle tank Active: 375
Reserve: 35
M-84 VS.jpg Originally a variant based on the Soravian T-72. Old S-69 models are currently being modernized to match the 2020 S-69TA1 design. The main battle tank of the Tengarian Army. Each tank battalion has 45, each armored battalion has 25, and each armored regiment has 30. An additional 35 are kept in reserve.
T-72B1MS Soravia Main battle tank Active: 30

Reserve: 0

T-72B1MS (1).png Updated version of the Soravian T-72 with extensive modifications and improvements. Each tank battalion has 5 each.
T-72M Soravia Main battle tank Active: 0
Reserve: 45
T-72M VS.jpg Soravian main battle tank. Kept in reserve.
Infantry fighting vehicles
BLK-7 Istrov Tengaria Infantry fighting vehicle Active: 426
Reserve: 144
BMP-23parade.jpg The main armored support vehicle of the Army. Based on several Soravian IFVs but with thicker armor and a more powerful engine. Utilized in 9 mechanized battalions, each with 40 vehicles, and in each armored battalion and brigade, each with 12 and 15 vehicles respectively.
Armoured personnel carriers
BTR-60 Soravia Armoured personnel carrier Active: 32
Reserve: 60
BTR 60 - PU-12.JPG Used mostly as command vehicles throughout many battalions.
Zashtita 2 Tengaria Armoured personnel carrier Active: 20
Reserve: 0
Sloboda 2019 - defile 06 - Lazar 3 02.jpg Designed and used in urban and rural patrol and transport role. Utilized mainly by the special forces and the Home Guard.
Light armoured vehicle
BK-17 Tengaria MRAP Active: 22 Sloboda 2019 - defile 08 - BOV M16 Miloš 02.jpg Entered service in 2020 with the 25th Special Operations Brigade, with more being built.
BRDM-2 Soravia Armoured car Active: 70
Reserve: 22
BRDM-2 VS smotra 1.jpg Reconnaissance and command role in tank, mechanized and armored battalions. 3 in tank and mechanized battalions, and 5 in armoured battalions and regiments.
Other armoured vehicles
9K114 Soravia Tank destroyer Active: 88 Reserve: 16 9P149 Shturm-S Tank Destroyer.jpg Utilized in the mechanized and armored battalions, with 6 per battalion and 8 per regiment. Modernization is underway, with new missiles and targeting being developed.
WZT-2 West Miersa Armoured recovery vehicle Active: 22 Polish WZT-2.jpg Deployed in engineering and logistics battalions.
MT-55 Soravia Armoured vehicle-launched bridge Active: 40 MT-55A.jpg Deployed in armored, tank and mechanized battalions, two per each battalion.


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Self-propelled artillery
D-18 Motiv Tengaria Self-propelled gun Active: 18
Reserve: 0
Aleksandar 1.jpg One battery with 6 guns each in the 12th, 31st and 35th Field Artillery Battalions.
2S1 Gvozdika Soravia Self-propelled gun Active: 54
Reserve: 18
2S1 VS2.jpg At least one battery with six guns in every field artillery battalion, with additional batteries in the 9th, 29th, and 4th battalions.
Towed artillery
DA-17 Tengaria Towed gun Active: 18
Reserve: 32
M84 Nora A.jpg One battery of six guns in the 9th, 29th and 35th field artillery battalions.
Msta-B Soravia Howitzer Active: 6
Reserve: 18
Черговий етап змагань на кращу артилерійську батарею Сухопутних військ 05.jpg One battery of six guns in the 4th field artillery battalion.
D-30 Soravia Howitzer Active: 0
Reserve: 78
Хаубица Д-30 122мм.jpg All D30s are stored in reserve.
Rocket artillery
9A52-4 Soravia Multiple rocket launcher Active:5
9A52-4 Tornado REA 2009.jpg All five are included in the 12th field artillery battalion.
BM-30 Soravia Multiple rocket launcher Active: 24
Reserve: 6
9a52 smerch.jpg One battery of six launchers each in the 9th, 12th, 31st, and 35th battalions.
2B14 Soravia Mortar Active: c. 50
Reserve: c. 90
2B14 Podnos at "Engineering Technologies 2010" forum.jpg
M74/M75 Tengaria Mortar Active: c. 80
Reserve: c. 120
Mortar 120 mm M-75 Croatian Army.JPG 120mm mortars are used to provide fire support for infantry battalions.
Anti-aircraft artillery
9K35M3 Soravia Short-range surface-to-air missile Active: 33
Reserve: 12
Strela 10.jpg Seven deployed in every air defense battalion. In addition, one is deployed in every armored regiment and battalion.
SK12 Soravia Medium-range surface-to-air missile Active: 20
Reserve: 9
Sa6 1.jpg Five deployed in every air defense battalion.
S-300 Soravia Long-range surface-to-air missile Active: 12
Reserve: 3
9K81 S-300V launcher.jpg Three deployed in every air defense battalion.


Small Arms