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Flag of Germany.svgThis user is a born citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Flag of Europe.svgThis user is a citizen of the European Union.
Flag of Berlin.svgThis user is a proud Berliner (living in East Berlin oof).
Aurora region logo.pngThis user is a member of Aurorum.
MTThis user is primarily a
"Modern Tech" roleplayer.

Discord logo mark white.svgThis user chats on Discord as Concleror.
Concimage5.jpegThis user is certain that Game of Thrones was a great show and that it deserved better.

Concleror, also known by his YouTube account name Lazarus Boi or Conc, is a male homo sapiens sapiens on Earth. His life began in Berlin-Köpenick, the Federal Republic of Germany and lives there since then. He is currently being educated as a student at a gymnasium. His main project, the Crowned Republic of Mascylla, has been created in December 2018 in the NationStates and Discord region Aeia, before moving on to Gaia in November of 2019, and to Aurorum by spring of 2020. He also maintains other sidekick nations, such as the Tayari Republic in Gaia since February 2020, the Tribes of Kelenoa, a nation without a designated region it belongs to, since June 2019, and the Republic of Chasun in Aurorum since August 2021.

Countries to where Concleror has been