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The Rock of the Bay
Country Syara
Settled~1,500 BCE
 • Total1,059,951

Vechad is a Syaran city located in Scitaria. Vechand sits atop its own peninsula in the Bay of Ruchalas, and is a major port and naval facility for the Commonality.

Vechad has been inhabited since the 16th Century BCE, initially settled by the Dovossians during the Archaic age. Vechad served as a major trading port throughout Hellenic Syara, being incorporated into the Makedonian Empire under Orestes II. Vechad survived the Fall of the Makedonian Empire and continued to serve as a major port for the Rioni Union. During the Syaran Successor States Vechad was the principle trade port for the Scitarian Commonwealth, a status it retained in the Republic of Syara. Vechad came to special significance during the Divide War, where it was utilized by the Navy of the Syaran Republic as a safe haven from the Cacertian Royal Navy. During the Refusal War Vechad was blockaded by the Royalists to prevent the Wardens from profiting from its use. After end of the war Vechad re-asserted itself as a major port for the Commonality, and it remains the largest population center around the Ruchalas Bay.