Vulkarian Pass

Vulkarian Pass
New Panama Canal.jpg
The new Samson Ocean entrance to the locks after opening in 2017.
LocationCentral Vulkaria
OpenedJune 11th, 1925
North endSamson Ocean
South endToyana Ocean
OwnerGovernment of Vulkaria

The Vulkarian Pass, also commonly referred to as the Vulkaria Canal is a major artificial waterway connecting the Samson Ocean to the Strait of Vulkaria and the Toyana Ocean through the country of Vulkaria. It divides the Isthmus of Vulkaria roughly in half through the region of Slovit, vastly reducing the amount of time required to travel from one ocean to the other. Completed in June 11th, 1925, and continuiously upgraded and expanded since, it has been hailed as one of the greatest feats in human engineering and among the most influential economic infrastructural projects on Iearth.