CountriesList of sovereign states and dependent territories (Iearth)

Ausiana is the third-largest of five continents located on the planet of Iearth. The vast continent is bounded by the bustling Toyana Ocean to the west and the Samson Ocean to the east. It is bisected from Euronia by the Strait of Vulkaria and the Vulkarian Pass, as well as from Antartique by the Beleroskov Sea.



Pre-Euronia period

Colonial period

Modern period




List of states and territories

Name Population Continent Head of state
Vulkaria 92,903,000 Euronia-Ausiana President Farhen Brooks
Malvare 63,928,000 Ausiana
Beleroskov 86,981,000 Ausiana President Nikolai Ubotrov
Kiergat 19,788,000 Ausiana Chancellor Hanson Rann
Karnaim 33,292,000 Ausiana Prime Minister Anthony Totrana
Mingonia 8,562,000 Ausiana President Aadil el-Quadri
Jaginistan 11,392,000 Ausiana President Talaal al-Ayub
Pekastan 9,874,000 Ausiana Prime Minister Delan Mohammad a'Ban
Arakinistan 15,340,000 Ausiana President Taariq al-Moustafa
Yuan 564,293,000 Ausiana President Xi Jingyi
Barangadesh 165,282,000 Ausiana President Abdul Sheihk Mahmed
Styrae 45,727,000 Ausiana President
Archimenistan 34,212,000 Ausiana President
Rumaztria 115,420,650 Ausiana King Caslav VI
Tervali Islands 47,455,650 Ausiana Prime Minister Lindsey Davidson-Mona
Dasmistan 409,000 Ausiana Prime Minister Halik Mahmani