Satrian Commandery

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Satrian Commandery

Flag of
StatusUnrecognized quasi-state
Common languages
GovernmentSocialist stratocratic confederation
LegislatureAssembly of the Pardals
Historical eraDecolonisation of Satria
• Solarian War
• Declaration of the Commandery
• First Satrian War
• Declaration of the Union
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Etrurian Satria
Today part of Arthasthan

The Satrian Commandery was a short-lived Pardal Republic in modern day Arthasthan that governed from 1944 to 1949. It originated during the Solarian War when the People's Volunteer Organisation fought against the Greater Solarian Republic and Ajahadyan forces during the Arthasthan Liberation War. Like other Pardal Republics, it was not a state in the conventional sense, but rather a confederation of LSS-led forces and other ethnic militias overseeing many different local polities.

The Commandery traces its origins to the Solarian War, when it declared by the LSS in 1944. It served as a provisional government and the de facto governing body of the socialist independence movement during the war. The Commandery's government was led by a cabinet and oversaw a diplomatic corps, a provisional legislature, an armed force, and a radio service. After the Coian Evacuation, the Solarian War led directly to the First Satrian War between 1946 to 1948. The LSS and its allies fought Ajahadya and Rajyaghar to defend its territory and spread socialism throughout Satria.

As the direct predecessor of the current Arthani state, the legacy of the Commandery is significant in the country. The LSS founded the Arthani dominated Satrian Section in 1947, which became the dominant political force in Arthasthan. The National Liberation Army itself and other ethnic militias were incorporated into the Union and reorganized into the Arthasthan Armed Forces.