Xiyong Emperor

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Xiyong Emperor
Xiyong Emperor.jpg
Emperor of the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire
Reign17th February 1864 - 13th August 1908
Coronation17th February 1864
SuccessorQingzhuo Emperor
Born(1836-10-16)October 16, 1836
Flag of the Toki dynasty.png Baiqiao, Toki dynasty
Died13 August 1905(1905-08-13) (aged 68)
22x20px Baiqiao, Xiaodong
Heavenly Yao Tombs, Baiqiao
SpouseEmpress Huiyi
Empress Maoling
IssuePrince Yuanming
Princess Fujin
Princess Chunyan
Full name
Yao Qinghong
Posthumous name
The Emperor of whom observes the rituals of Heaven, provides prosperous harmony and is eternally filial
Temple name
Xin Chunqiao
FatherYao Xingzhe
MotherDeng Yuanfei

The Xiyong Emperor (Xiaodongese: 熙雍帝; Xīyōng Dì, 16th October 1836-13th August 1905, aged 68), personal name Yao Qinghong (姚庆红; Yáo Qìnghóng) was the first Emperor of the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire from its creation in the Baiqiao Revolution in 1856 to his death in 1908. His reign saw massive social, political and economic change in Xiaodong transforming the country from the Senrian-ruled and feudal Toki dynasty to an industrial empire.

Widely seen as one of the most pivotal figures in Xiaodongese history, the Xiyong Emperor is sometimes regarded as the greatest Xiaodongese statesmen for his role in overseeing the creation of Xiaodong into an industrial empire "which represented the height of Xiaodongese power in its history".


The Xiyong Emperor like many Xiaodongese of his time took several names throughout his life. His birthname was Yao Fengjia (逢甲; Yáo Féngjiǎ) whilst his milk name was Yao Jize (纪泽; Yáo Jìzé). At the the age of 16 he chose his courtesy name, Yao Qinghong (姚庆红; Yáo Qìnghóng). At the time as Xiaodong was still ruled by the Toki Sougunate he also had a Senrian name, which was Yō Ryūsaku (姚柳作).

Upon being named Emperor Yao took the name the Xiyong Emperor (熙雍帝; Xīyōng Dì) with Xiyong meaning "Prosperous Harmony". Upon his death he was assigned the temple name of Xin Chunqiao (辛春桥; Xīn Chūnqiáo). His name is sometimes recorded down as "Yao Xin Chunqiao Yao Qinghong" (逢辛春桥姚庆红; Yáo Xīn Chūnqiáo Yáo Qìnghóng) as is customary for Xiaodongese Emperors.

Early life

Baiqiao Revolution


Zhengfeng reforms


Constitutional Revolution