Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan (intelligence officer)

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Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan

Master of Military Science, Distinguished Gallantry Medal, Exceptional Gallantry Medal, Bachelor Of Arts, Effendi
Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan

Old Town, Madinat Al-Islam
NationalitySharifistani Pashtun and half-Italian
CitizenshipSultanate of Sharifistan
EducationBachelor of Arts, Master of Military Science
Alma materMadinat Al-Islam University, Royal Sharifistani Army University
OccupationArmy officer(2019-), martial arts teacher (2015-2018), propagandist (briefly), revolutionary leader (briefly), spy (2020-)
Known forespionage and propaganda in the Danistarabian Uprising, espionage in Kergstan, son of Colonel Suleiman Muhammad Khan.
Spouse(s)Eliso Namre and Shauzia bint Ali Khan
Parent(s)Colonel Suleiman Muhammad Khan (philanthropist) and Maria Lucrezia Khan
AwardsDistinguished Gallantry Medal, Exceptional Gallantry medal
Espionage activity
CountrySultanate of Sharifistan
AllegianceSultan of Sharifistan (2018-2020), Prince-Regent of Sharifistan (2020-)
Service branchRoyal Sharifistani Army Intelligence Corps
AgencyAskeri İstihbarat Müdürlüğü
Service years2018-
RankKaptan (Captain)
OperationsDanistarabian Uprising, 2nd Sharifistani-Danistarabian War, Operation Pashtun Loyalty (Sharifistani Civil War) and Operation Kergstan Ghazawat

Kaptan Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan, Exceptional Gallantry Medal, Distinguished Gallantry Medal, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Military Science, 4th Effendi of Keçi Köyü, is a Sharifistani intelligence officer known for his role in the Danistarabian Uprising and espionage in Kergstan.

Early life

Born into the Sharifistani nobility (and the 2nd cousin of the Prince-Regent of Sharifistan) Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan was privately for his primary education before being educated at the Sharifistani School of Fencing. At school, he excelled both academically and athletically, becoming Captain of the traditional wrestling team. He also practiced mixed-martial arts (mostly MMA and Judo) becoming an MMA black belt at the age of 18.


He studied History at Madinat Al-Islam University, graduating with a first class degree. He later did military officer training for a year, majoring in intelligence and graduating with 2:1 Master of Military Science.

Military service

Since 2019, Kaptan Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan has been on active service. He has been deployed to Welzat, Danistarab and Kergstan as well as gathering intelligence within his own country during the Sharifistani Civil War. He received the Distinguished Gallantry Medal for his actions in Danistarab. He later received the Exceptional Gallantry Medal for his actions in Kergstan. He has been in a variety of roles including propaganda, human intelligence, reconnaissance and even unconventional warfare.

Personal life

He is married to Eliso Namre, a female politician from Kamilistan and Shauzia bint Ali Khan, Princess of Insaanistan. Eliso Namre is pregnant but he has no children that have been born.