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Overseas Duchy of Étlaurlande

Duché d'outre-mer d'Étlaurlande
Official Étlaurlande Flag
Location of Haguenau (dark green) and Étlaurlande (light green) in Astyria (grey)
Location of Haguenau (dark green) and Étlaurlande (light green) in Astyria (grey)
Official languagesFrench, Ahéri
Ethnic groups
53% Hyserian, 22% White, 20% Trellinese, 5% other
Demonym(s)Étlaurlander Étlaurlandic
GovernmentHaguenauvian Dependent Territory
• Monarch
Stephen the Second
• Viceroy
Aldéric Lémieux
• Governor
Mohérnin Ryentí
• Duchess
Ícanta Kuedar
Viceroy's Council
Popular Assembly
40,740 km2 (15,730 sq mi)
• 2014 estimate
• 2010 census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$384.541 billion
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$518.696 billion
HDI (2010)Increase 0.891
very high
CurrencyHaguenau Livre (Ⱡ) (HGL)
Time zone(UTC)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy AD
Driving sideright
Calling code+15
Internet TLD.ell

Étlaurlande, officially known as the Overseas Duchy of Étlaurlande (French: Duché d'outre-mer d'Étlaurlande), is a dependent territory located in western Teudallum, sharing borders with Arimathea and Trellin in the south, Sycoon in the east and the Sea of Jajich to the north. As a territory of Haguenau, Étlaurlande's head of state is the monarch of Haguenau, its defense is assured by Haguenau's Armed Forces and it uses the Haguenau Livre (HGL) as its currency. However, the nation also enjoys a high degree of political freedom, with an independent legislature and executive cabinet handling both internal and most external affairs, although the monarch and the viceroy still retain many rights. Étlaurlande is considered as a sovereign nation by many organisations. Étlaurlande is a duchy covering 40 740 km², and with a population of around 11.6 million.

Étlaurlande is a unitary parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Its capital is Barzanou, the duchy's largest city and the main cultural and commercial centre. The current head of state—since 7 April 1982—is King Stephen II. The appointed viceroy is Aldéric Lémieux. The current duchess is Ícanta Kuedar. The elected governor is Mohérnin Ryentí.


Étlaurlande = land of the Ethlorek. Basically Berique was super racist and didn't bother figuring out that the territory of Étlaurlande was actually primarily Hyseran and not Ethlorek. (at least i think that's the etymology we agreed on)


Major states which existed in 900 AD within the boundaries of the present-day Ahéri-Ethlorek states.
Pefanu and Saraću are are located on the northern end in what is present-day Étlaurlande.

When the Hyseran Empire experienced an existential threat at the hands of Trellin (c. 8th century?), the local governments of the Pefanu and Saraću regions brokered an agreement to become a protectorate of Berique (probably would have actually been the Sartorean Empire at this point in time), with which it had well-established commercial ties, to secure some degree of independence. This relationship endured for several centuries until Berique, having lost Cassonne during a revolution and gotten battered during the Bernadottic Wars, lost much of its force projection in the region (c. 19th century?). Haguenau, which despite its cessession from Berique in 1113 remained on cordial terms with both Berique and Étlaurlande, and took advantage of this power vacuum by assumming Berique's role as the suzerain of Étlaurlande to benefit its own trade interests in the region.