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1924-25 Great Garetolian Wildfire

1924-25 Great Garetolian Wildfire
A rather crude sketch of the wildfire, showing hills and the smoke from the fire. Ule'eka News, December 30, 1924
LocationCona Territory, Dominion of Garetolia
Date(s)December 2, 1924 - February 19, 1925
Burned area12,644 km2
CauseUnknown, possibly a tribal custom which involved a bonfire, which grew out of control.
Buildings destroyed235
Non-fatal injuries119 civilians injured

The 1924-25 Great Garetolian Wildfire, also simply called the Great Garetolian Wildfire was a wildfire that burned for over 2 months in the summer of 1924-1925.