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Karātōl'ikī Polek'o

Karātōl'ikī Polek'o
English: Garetolian Pride

National anthem of  Garetolia
MusicKelly Hansen
Adopted1981; 40 years ago (1981)
Audio sample
"Karātōl'ikī Polek'o" (instrumental)

Karātōl'ikī Polek'o (English: Garetolian Pride) is the national anthem of Garetolia. It was composed by Kelly Hansen in 1979, and was adopted by the Government of Garetolia in 1981.


Karātōl'ikī Polek'o is one of only a few national anthems without lyrics. Kalano Palik and Hansen viewed lyrics as praise to the government, and that the Garetolian people should not be forced into singing it. Some draft lyrics were written by Hansen in 1980, but were soon discarded.