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2021 Philimania legislative election

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2021 Philimania legislative election

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119 members of the House of Representatives
11 votes votes needed to win
Opinion polls
Turnout66.8% (estimated)
  Nel Karlson.jpg Zo7l2QcQ-1920x1282.jpg
Nominee Nel Karlson Talbus Kelly
Party Liberal Democratic
Running mate Henry Field Forster Carer
Electoral vote 65 54
Popular vote 3,136,210 2,342,042

President before election

Talbus Kelly

Elected President

Nel Karlson

The 2021 Philimania legislative election was the 68th sexennial presidential election, held on Sunday, 28 February 2021. The head of the Liberal party Nel Karlson and the junior legislator Henry Field defeated the incumbent democratic president Talbus Kelly and incumbent vice president Forster Carer.

The election saw a record number of ballots cast early and by mail in South America due to the ongoing pandemic. Many more Liberals voted by mail than Democrats. As a result of a large number of mail-in ballots, some places saw delays in vote counting and reporting.


Article Three of the Philimanian Constitution states that for a person to serve as president, the individual must be a registered citizen of Philimania of at least 2 generations, be at least 25 years old. Candidates for the presidency typically seek the nomination of one of the various political parties of Philimania. Each party develops a method (such as a primary election) to choose the candidate the party deems best suited to run for the position. The primary elections are usually indirect elections where voters cast ballots for a slate of party delegates pledged to a particular candidate. The party's delegates then officially nominate a candidate to run on the party's behalf. The presidential nominee typically chooses a vice presidential running mate to form that party's ticket, which is then ratified by the delegates at the party's convention. If no candidate receives the minimum 60 electoral votes needed to win the election, the Philimanian House of Representatives will select the president from the three candidates who received the most electoral votes, and The Philimanian Legislative Council will select the vice president from the candidates who received the two highest totals.


Democratic Party

Every incumbent president seeking another term has been renominated by their party. Talbus Kelly and his running mate, Foster Carer, were able to secure the nomination easily after receiving enough delegates in the 2021 Democrat presidential primaries.

2021 Democratic Party ticket
Talbus Kelly Forster Carer
for President for Vice President
AP 17144715878101-e1507130288839.jpg
president of Philimania
vice president of Philimania
PDP campaign.png

Liberal Party

Nel Karlson became the presumptive nominee of the Liberal Party on 6 April 2019. He was formally nominated on 13 May.

2021 Liberal Party ticket
Nel Karlson Henry Field
for President for Vice President
Nel Karlson.jpg
Henry Field.jpg
Philimanian Legislator
PLP campaign.png

People's Party

Bane Crewex became the presumptive nominee of the People's Party on 23 November 2020, and was officially nominated by the party on 10 December 2020.

2021 People's Party ticket
Bane Crewex Ollie Whites
for President for Vice President
Bane Crewex.jpg
Ollie White.png
Philimanian Legislator
Philimanian Legislator
PPP campaign.png

Green Party

Mina Textor became the presumptive nominee of the Liberal Party on 21 September 2017. She was formally nominated on 17 October 2017.

2021 Green Party ticket
Mina Textor Warwick Henton
for President for Vice President
Mina Textor.jpg
Warwick Henton.jpg
Founder of the Green Party Philimanian Legislator
PGP campaign.png

Whight Party

Trevor Imza became the presumptive nominee of the Liberal Party on 15 May 2018. He was formally nominated on 11 June 2018.

2021 Whight Party ticket
Trevor Imza Winston Mcgill
for President for Vice President
Trevor Imza.jpg
Winston Mcgill.jpg
Co-Founder of the Whight Party Philimanian Legislator
(1998–2003) (2018-)
PWP campaign.png