Association for Promoting Democracy

Association for Promoting Democracy
LeaderZhao Xiaojing
Youth wingRally for the Restoration of Youth
Xiaodongese nationalism
Right-wing populism
National Principlism
Economic nationalism
Social Conservatism
Political positionFar-right
Colors             Red, gold, blue (official)
State Presidium
78 / 563
Prefectural Congresses
65 / 922
Local Congress Seats
189 / 2,766
0 / 19

Association for Promoting Democracy (Xiaodongese: 民主促进会; Mínzhǔ Cùjìnhuì) is a far-right political party in Xiaodong. It is led by Zhao Xiaojing, a former member of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society. It is strongest in the autonomous regions of Duljun and East Thianchin.

The Association for Promoting Democracy was founded in 2014 by the then-mayor of Weigang Zhao Xiaojing. Zhao, who had been elected as a member of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society, split from the party following the failure of Yuan Xiannian to pass constitutional reform, accusing the Regeneration Society of being both corrupt and deviating from the citizen's interests in its embrace of economic liberalism and globalisation. The party won 34 seats and over 5 million votes in the 2016 election, where they played a large role in the deadlock of the election of the State Chairman due to the party refusing to vote for any candidate aside their leader Zhao. They won 22 seats in the 2017 election and 4.3 million votes. Since the start of Normalisation the party has stated it will support the government to ensure the stability of the nation.

Association for Promoting Democracy is commonly seen as a far-right organisation, supporting the annexation of former territories of the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire, the creation of an authoritarian government and the ethnic cleansing of "rightful Xiaodogese territory". Its fiscal program is based on economic nationalism and its foreign policy is imperialist. The party self identifies as following the "authentic principles" of National Principlism although this is disputed by the Regeneration Society and left-wing Movement for National Principlism.

Association for Promoting Democracy has been accused on not being an independent party, sometimes being seen as a satellite party of the Regeneration Society or part of its "managed opposition". Xi Lejiang, the current leader of Legislative Business of the State Presidium, has stated that Association for Promoting Democracy was founded with the support of Shujichu.