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Asteria Inferior Common Market

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Asteria Inferior Common Market
Astcom flag.png
ASTCOM Map.png
Members of ASTCOM, green
Founded atGatôn, Satucin
HeadquartersGatôn, Satucin
Secretary General
Helena Warwick
from Satavia

The Asteria Inferior Common Market, commonly called ASTCOM, is a trade bloc made up of nine Asterian nations.

Initial talks began in 1989, with the Kingsleigh Treaty being signed that year by Satavia, Nuvania and Satucin. Further talks culminated with the Treaty of Gatôn in 1992, which was signed by the signatories of the Kingsleigh Treaty and Aucuria, Arbolada, Belmonte, Gapolania, Adamantina, and the Azure Coast.


Initial talks of an Asterian trade bloc officially began in 1989, between Satavia, Nuvania and Satucin and culminated in an agreement signed in the Satavian town of Kingsleigh, in late 1989.

Talks continued on to 1992, when, the three original Kingsleigh Treaty signatures signed an agreement with Aucuria, Arbolada, Belmonte, Gapolania, Adamantina, and Côte d'Azur, in the form of the Treaty of Gatôn, which lead to the creation of ASTCOM.

In 2007, ASTCOM relocated its headquarters from its original building to "The ASTCOM Center", a 1980s construction.

Member States

Nation Capital Language Population Gross domestic product
(in $)
per capita
Area (km²) Year joined
 Arbolada Ponto Solar Luzelese
25,948,906 $600,635,237,846 $23,100 916,967 1992
 Aucuria Kalnaspilis Ruttish 30,223,510 $695,149,000,000 $15,719 1,098,581 1992
 Azure Coast Sartoux Gaullican 22,575,970 $458,292,191,000 $20,300 TBD 1992
 Belmonte Castelonovo Luzelese 36,334,190 $831,616,940,720 $23,832 1,003,144 1992
 Gapolania Nassea Vespasian
19,625,443 $304,266,000,000 $12,093 634,224 1992
 Nuvania Pietersburg Asterians
48,177,598 $1,392,091,694,210 $28,050 1,055,828 1992
 Satavia Port Hope Estmerish 24,581,912 $719,020,926,000 $29,250 600,105 1992
 Satucin Gatôn Gaullican 201,105,368 $2,683,673,943,152 $21,451 3,051,077 1992


Secretary General

The Secretary General of ASTCOM is responsible for chairing debates and meetings, as well as being the public figurehead of the organisation. ASTCOM's current Secretary General is Helena Warwick, who is the first Secretary General from Satavia, and began her term on the 1st May 2020, and will serve untill 2024.

No. Portrait Name
Nationality Term of Office
Term Start Term End
 Satucin 1st May 1992 1st May 1996
2 Azurenne Diplomat Jean Hugo.jpg Jean-Luis Hugo
 Azure Coast 1st May 1996 1st May 2000
 Aucuria 1st May 2000 1st May 2004
4 Celso Amorim.jpg Cícero Schneider
 Belmonte 1st May 2004 1st May 2008
5 Lorenzo Avastima.jpg Lorenzo Avastima
 Gapolania 1st May 2012 1st May 2016
6 Anna Finocchiaro 2015.jpg Rachele Siciliano
 Adamantina 1st May 2012 1st May 2016
7 María del Rosario112.jpg Carlene Barr
 Nuvania 1st May 2016 1st May 2020
8 Helen Zille DA Rally 2011.jpg Helena Warwick
 Satavia 1st May 2020 Incumbent

Asterian Council

The Asterian Council is the central committee of ASTCOM, and is convened in ASTCOM's headquaters in Gatôn. The council has nine members - one from each member state, and the Secretary General, who chairs council meetings.

Council meetings are called, normally, once every month unless a member state petitions to the Secretary General for an extraordinary meeting.

ASTCOM's Headquarters, in Gatôn

Each country gets one vote - regardless of population size or economical power - and the Secretary General does not vote, unless the result returns a tie, normally due to an abstention. If a tie is reached, the Secretary General normally votes against, so as to retain the status quo, although the Secretary General does not have to vote against and can vote either way.

The council only votes on matters relating directly to ASTCOM, and does not intefere with international law cases brought upon one another member states, or force member states to adopt legislation internally.

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