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Asteria Inferior

Asteria Inferior
Astérie inférieure
Astèria inferior
Mažesnė Asterija
Countries and territories Satucin
San Felix
GDP PPP$4.059 trillion
GDP per capita$16,931
Capital citiesSatucin Gatôn
Aucuria Kalnaspilis
El Felix

Asteria Inferior is a continent located entirely in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres of Kylaris. The vast continent is bounded by the bustling Vehemens Ocean to the west, the Arucian Gulfs to the northwest and northeast which narrowly separate it from its closest neighbour, Asteria Superior, and the extensive Lumine Ocean to the east and south.


Alongside Asteria Superior, the continental name Asteria is derived from the name of Hashim ibn Ashtar, a Badawiyan explorer in the service of the Crown of Caldia, who is lauded with having first chartered the Asterias, opening the continents up to Euclean colonisation. His Solarianised name of Assim Asteris therefore gave rise to the name Asteria.

Hennish navigator Johannes van Twiller, who sailed along the Southern Vehemens and the Arucian Sea in the 1510s, was the first to determine that Asteria was made up of not one, but two continents. Though this conjecture would not be conclusively accepted until decades later, he would christen the southern continent with the Solarian suffix Inferior, correctly intuiting its smaller landmass.


Pre-Asteris period

Colonial period

Modern period



Status of the Arucian


List of states and territories

Name Capital Population Area Head of State Head of Government Government type
 Nuvania Nuvania Envoort 31,448,333 1,055,828 km2 uh Johannes Cronje Parliamentary republic
San Felix El Felix 12,311,560 289,076 km2 Juan Manuel Saavedra Simón Montes Parliamentary republic
 Satucin Satucin Gatôn 125,105,368 3,051,077 km2 Théodore I Martin Allaire Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Aucuria Aucuria Kalnaspilis 30,223,510 1,098,581 km2 Žygimantas Barauskas Petras Uspelevičius Parliamentary republic
 Sanslumiere Sanslumière Découverte 10,342,850 120,982 km2
Arnaud Noirenègre
Parliamentary republic