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087 Familj o pepparkaka MA.tif
A family in Westmaark celebrating.
Total population
14 million
Regions with significant populations
 Azmara8.6 million
Borland (Kylaris) Borlandnumber here
 Weranianumber here
Primarily Westmarckian Amendism (Church of Azmara)
Related ethnic groups
Other Weranic peoples

Azmarans (Azmaran: Azmaariśen) are a Weranic ethnic group native to northeastern Euclea, largely within their nation-state of Azmara. They are commonly defined by their shared ancestry, history and culture, and have a common language in the form of Azmaran.

The ethnic group emerged from Weranic tribes moving into the plains of modern-day Groonbank and Westmaark in the middle of the first millennium, who would be, alongside the Borish, one of the first Weranic populations to convert to Sotirianity during the 9th century. The Azmaran peoples would be organised into the Rudolphine polities of the Western March and the Duchy of Groonbank, which would later be ruled in personal union. The secession of these territories from the Confederation during the 17th century due to tensions between their Amendist majority and the confederal government would lead to the emergence of a separate Azmaran identity, which would be cemented during rising nationalism in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Azmaran culture comprises several unique styles of art, dance, traditional music, architecture and clothing which have gained some international recognition. The ethnic group is traditionally associated with certain features, such as pale skin and an abundance of red and blonde hair, and is often linked with the Westmarckian branch of Sotirianity, which a majority of Azmarans associate themselves with through the Church of Azmara.