Diana of Ghant

Princess of Ghant
Diana of Ghant and Latium, Queen of Gaemar.jpg
Queen consort of Gaemar
Tenure7 May 2018 – present
Born (1993-01-22) 22 January 1993 (age 28)
Inperiala Palace, Ghish, Ghant
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  • Prince Galerius of Gaemar
Full name
Diana Grace Antistia Sulpicia
FatherJohn, Crown Prince of Ghant
MotherIsabella, Princess Imperial
ReligionFabrian Catholic
Church of Ghant (formerly)

Diana of Ghant, Queen of Gaemar (Diana Grace Antistia Sulpicia; b. 22 January 1993), commonly known as Diana of Ghant and Latium, is the second child of John, Crown Prince of Ghant and Isabella, Princess Imperial. She is Queen of Gaemar due to her status as wife to King Gadiel of Gaemar.

In 1997, Diana was stripped of her Ghantish titles and rank, relocating to Latium following the ascension of her uncle, Emperor Jason VI to the Latin throne. At the end of her brother's regency in 2006, she and her siblings were restored their rights and titles in Ghant, and permitted to return. She graduated from Daphne College, Ascanium, where she focused her studies on Non-governmental Organizations and Social Change.


Marriage and children

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 22 January 1993 – 1 May 1997: Her Imperial Highness Princess Diana of Ghant
  • 1 May 1997 – 14 January 2006: Her Highness Diana, Princess in Latium
  • 14 January 2006 – present: Her Imperial Highness Princess Diana of Ghant, Princess in Latium
  • 7 May 2018 – present: Her Royal Majesty The Queen of Gaemar



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Diana of Ghant
Born: 22 January 1993
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Duke of Ostia
Succession to the Latin throne
13th in line
Followed by
Prince Galerius of Gaemar