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Isabella of Latium

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Isabella of Latium
Empress Mother
Isabella of Latium.jpg
Empress of Ghant
Queen consort of Low Ghant
Tenure19 May 1997 – 12 December 2012
Coronation18 December 1997
Born (1961-01-12) 12 January 1961 (age 62)
Palatium Purpura, Ascanium, Latium
John IV of Ghant
(m. 1987; died 2012)
Full name
Isabella Claudia Silvia Victoria Christina
FatherLeo Claudius, Duke of Adrianople
MotherDiana I Anicia
ReligionImperial Church (Catholicism)

Isabella, Empress Mother of Ghant (Isabella Claudia Silvia Victoria Christina; b. 12 January 1961), is the eldest child of Empress Diana I Anicia and Leo X Claudius. She was Empress of Ghant from 1997 to 2012, by virtue of her marriage to John IV of Ghant. As Empress, Isabella was noted for her lack of active ruling or involvement in governing when compared to her most recent predecessors.

Isabella was born on 12 January 1961, and later became the first member of the Latin Imperial Family to graduate from a university after attending Castellum College, Castellum. In 1987, Isabella married then John, Crown Prince of Ghant and subsequently became Crown Princess. Over the course of her marriage, she and John and 8 children. During her tenure as Crown Princess and later Empress, Isabella primarily focused her efforts on childhood literacy.

Following the death of her husband in 2012, Isabella became Empress Mother and maintains a key role at imperial court in Ghish.

Early life and education

Isabella was born at Palatium Purpura on 12 January 1961 as the eldest child and daughter of Diana Augusta and Leo X Claudius. She was baptized on 26 February at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum. Her godparents were Theodora Claudia (her father's sister); Lord Danel Dain (Theodora’s husband); Princess Zoe (her mother's sister) and Duke Constantine Tarpeius (Zoe’s husband). She was named Isabella for her grandmother Isabella of Thapse and her great-grandmother Isobel of Gaemar.

At her birth, Isabella was briefly heir presumptive to the Latin throne, but was displaced by the birth of her brother Jason in 1963.


Isabella was initially educated by the household governess and private tutors. When she turned 9, Isabella was enrolled at Sancta Maria School for Girls during primary school, becoming the first member of the Imperial family to attend formal schooling. She earned her bac from St Sophia College. Her gap year included travel throughout Belisaria, including both North and South Ottonia, Sudmark, and Erishland, as well as northern Scipia, primarily Montgisard. She enrolled at Galata College, Haenna, where she studied art history. In June 1984, she transferred to Castellum College, Castellum, but would not attend until taking another gap year, beginning classes in 1985. While at Castellum, Isabella continued to reside in Imperial housing, and maintained an apartment at Velia House.

Isabella (left) with her mother Empress Diana Augusta, and brother Jason, Prince of Youth, in 1968.

Isabella transferred once more, following her marriage, and later earned a degree in art history from the University of Ghish in spring 1988.

Early relationships

John IV of Ghant


Isabella and John first met as children during a Ghantish visit to Castellum in 1968. Since that visit, there were often rumors of a desire in Ghantish court for John and Isabella to court and later marry to ensure improved relations between Ghant and Latium. However, while the two were acquainted in childhood and into adulthood, each was involved in a string of relationships until the death of Emperor Michael I of Ghant, in 1986. In fall 1986, John made an unannounced visit to Castellum, and then Adrianople where Isabella resided at the time. A week after John’s visit, the Prince of Youth’s household included a newly scheduled event in Ostaturika, Gaemar, Ghant.

In January 1987, Isabella visited Ghant for a ski trip with her siblings to Ostaturika, Gaemar. The Latin imperials were accompanied by the children of Ghantish Emperor Alan I, after making a brief stop in Ghish. Ghantish and Latin media both widely reported that Isabella and John, Crown Prince of Ghant had been spending time together. The trip lasted a week and Isabella and her siblings returned to Latium. The Ostaturika trip was followed by a series of visits by either Isabella or John to the other’s home country, and an engagement was announced on 18 April 1987, with no prior confirmation of a courtship.


Isabella and John married on 6 June 1987, at Ghish Cathedral, in an event attended by members of the local and Latin nobility, as well as foreign royalty. Isabella became Crown Princess immediately following the ceremony. A month later, following their honeymoon, the Ghantish Imperial household announced that Isabella was pregnant with their first child. Nathan was later born on 14 January 1988. Over the course of Isabella’s marriage to John IV, they had seven children: Nathan (b. 1988); Adelaide (b. 1989); Leo (b. 1990); Theodora (b. 1991); Diana (b. 1993); Arietta (b. 1994); and Alexia (b. 1996).

As Empress of Ghant

Isabella became Empress of Ghant on 19 May 1997, and was coronated in a joint ceremony with John IV on 18 December 1997 at Ghish Cathedral. She was largely inactive in the running of government when compared to her previous predecessors, such as Beladore of Gelonia and Grace Galan. Isabella primarily focused on personal pursuits and attending to her children. She maintained a close, tightly knit household of a mix of Ghantish and Latin ladies-in-waiting, with which she spent most of her time at court if she was not engaged in official events. Isabella’s ladies-in-waiting played a large role in the raising of her children, according to court biographers.

She sat the Obsidian Throne only three times as Empress, when her husband was abroad for foreign engagements. In leaked audio, Isabella called the Obsidian Throne a “monstrosity” and “the most hideous and uncomfortable hunk of metal” she’s seen.


Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
By John IV of Ghant (1962–2012):
Nathan IV of Ghant (1988-01-14) 14 January 1988 (age 35) Married Sophia of Dakmoor; had issue.
Adelaide, Princess Imperial (1989-03-16) 16 March 1989 (age 33) Married Alexius Pinarius; had issue.
Prince Leo of Ghant (1990-08-31) 31 August 1990 (age 32) Married Joanna of Keld; had issue.
Princess Theodora of Ghant (1991-10-19) 19 October 1991 (age 31) Married Jacob Lorazania.
Diana, Crown Princess of Ordosa (1993-01-22) 22 January 1993 (age 30) Married Andar, Crown Prince of Ordosa; had issue.
Arietta, Queen of Draakur (1994-07-07) 7 July 1994 (age 28) Married Vitus I of Draakur.
Princess Alexia of Ghant (1996-01-21) 21 January 1996 (age 27) Not yet wed
Princess Alexandra of Ghant (1998-08-15) 15 August 1998 (age 24) Not yet wed

Titles, styles, and honors

  • 12 January 1960 – 6 June 1987: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Isabella
  • 6 June 1987 – 19 May 1997: Her Imperial Highness The Crown Princess
  • 19 May 1997 – 12 December 2012: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress
  • 12 December 2012 – present: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Mother

Isabella is a Latin princess by birth and as such does not utilize a surname. Upon her marriage she assumed the titles and styles of her husband and became Crown Princess of Ghant. Following her husband’s death in 2012, Isabella was created Empress Mother, which she will retain throughout the reign of her son Nathan. She retained and continues to hold her Latin tiles and styles, though has not utilized them since her marriage.


  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg

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Isabella of Latium
Born: 12 January 1961
Royal titles
Preceded by
Grace Galan
Empress of Ghant
Succeeded by
Sophia of Dakmoor
Queen consort of Low Ghant