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Adelaide of Ghant

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Adelaide of Ghant
Adelaide of Ghant.png
Born (1989-03-16) 16 March 1989 (age 33)
Empress Elena Hospital, Ghish, Ghant
Alexius Pinarius (m. 2016)
  • Michael Pinarius
  • Silvanus Pinarius
Full name
Adelaide Diana Beladore Grace
FatherJohn IV of Ghant
MotherIsabella of Latium
ReligionChurch of Ghant

Adelaide of Ghant (Adelaide Diana Beladore Grace; born 16 March 1989) is the second child and oldest daughter of John IV of Ghant and Isabella of Latium, making her a member of the Ghantish and Laitn Imperial Families and Princess Imperial of Ghant. She is the wife of Alexius Pinarius, a Latin nobleman.

Birth and Naming

Adelaide was born on 16 March 1989, at 4:30 PM in Empress Elena Hospital in Ghish, the second child of then Crown Prince John of Ghant and Isabella of Latium, and fifth grandchild of Emperor Alan I of Ghant and Empress Grace. She was baptised in the Imperial Chapel at Inperiala Palace on 1 June 1989, her godparents being her maternal grandparents, Leo X Claudius and Diana Augusta. She was named after Empress Adelaide, her maternal grandmother Diana, her paternal great-grandmother Beladore of Gelonia and her paternal grandmother Grace.

Early Life and Education

In contrast with her older brother, Adelaide was by all accounts an active, robust infant without any health problems. Like her brother, Adelaide’s early years were spent at the Imperial Court of her grandfather, though John and Isabella maintained their own estate in Ghish where Adelaide resided with her parents and siblings. Adelaide was followed by a younger brother, Leo of Ghant, and four younger sisters, Theodora of Ghant, Diana of Ghant, Arietta of Ghant and Alexia of Ghant, and by all accounts the family enjoyed a happy and loving domestic life.

John suffered badly from asthma and other respiratory issues that made residing in Ghant during the winter bad for his health. Due to this, John spent considerable time in the winter months with his family at various estates in the Periclean, including Montgisard, Gran Aligonia and the Latin island of Mariana. Adelaide in particular developed an affinity for warmer climates as a result and frequented these estates throughout her life.

By all accounts, Adelaide got along very well with her brothers and engaged in similar pursuits as them despite being a girl. She also enjoyed a close relationship with her mother and grandmothers, Empresses Grace and Diana. She was joined at court by her cousins Princesses Alysanne, Eleanor, Frederica and Cassandra with whom she spent a great deal of time playing and eventually was educated with. The young Adelaide was described as intelligent, kind, thoughtful, witty and quick to laugh.

Due to Nathan’s health concerns, he was the subject of the majority of their family’s attention, and despite that, Adelaide was said to be compassionate towards her brother and didn’t demonstrate jealousy. Empress Grace enjoyed spending time with Adelaide, planting in the palace gardens, which was the Empress’s favorite pastime. Adelaide developed a life-long interest in gardening and the natural world as a result of her early childhood experiences with her grandmother.

Aside from her paternal cousins, Adelaide formed a close bond with her cousin Maria of Latium, and Sophia of Dakmoor, both of whom visited the Imperial Court often. The three remained lifelong friends and helped bring their families closer together.

For the first few years of her life, Adelaide’s education was overseen by her grandmother Empress Grace, and was educated alongside her cousins by private tutors. When Emperor Alan died in 1997, Adelaide’s father John became Emperor, and Empress Isabella took over her children’s education. Adelaide, then ten years old, and her cousins were enrolled in the prestigious Ghish Girl’s Academy. Adelaide proved a quick study, learning Latin, Audonian, Garzan, Gelonian, and Latigen, and excelled in science. It was noted by her instructors that Adelaide was intellectually advanced for her age, though she was easily distracted and fond of pranks.

John’s coronation as Emperor took place on December 18, 1997, and became the most watched television event in the history of Ghant. Adelaide stood at the altar not far away from her brothers throughout the ceremony, next to her grandmother, Dowager Empress Grace. She quickly became the obsession of the media, with reporters and commentators noting her serious demeanor throughout the ceremony.

Following her father’s accession as Emperor, Adelaide gradually took on a more formal role at the Imperial Court, and regularly received visits from extended family members, such as the Gelonian Royal Family and members of the Guegani family. It was at this point that Nathan and Adelaide struck up friendships with their third cousin Prince Arthur of Oxonia and second cousins Princess Lena of Oxonia, and Grace Domnonea. They also frequently traveled overseas with their parents, most often visiting Latium, Sydalon and Gelonia. Adelaide and her family visited Latium in November 1997 to celebrate the birthday of Empress Diana in a widely publicized event.

As she grew older, Adelaide was allowed to go on state trips to fulfill some duties on behalf of her father, a role in which she excelled due to her personal charm, wit and honesty. Adelaide quickly and easily made friends, and lords and princes enjoyed entertaining her. She used this influence to overcome obstacles facing her father. John, encouraged by his daughter’s guile, allowed her to gradually take on more and more responsibilities. To support her mother, who lacked interest in the more active duties of an Empress, Adelaide took on some of those functions traditionally reserved for the Empress.


Accession Ball

In the summer of 2006, John hosted a ball in recognition of Crown Prince Nathan’s eighteenth birthday, which Adelaide organized and oversaw, with the intention of finding a highborn lady roughly his age, who would become the next Empress of Ghant. Several hundred appeared over the three day event, including several prominent princesses and noblewomen from Belisaria. Among the notable women in attendance were, Princess Emmanuelle of Tiberias, Alienor of Turenne, Grace Domnonea, Antonia Antistia, Delal Hazarasp, Gabrielia Pinaria, Theodora Ulpia, Tatjana of Silingia, Madeline of Mauchatel, Maria of Garza, Valencia of Garza, Frederica of Nyrundy, Dagmar of Sudmark and Olympe of Hayan.

Princess Adelaide of Ghant.

The Crown Prince was incredibly shy and socially awkward, though he made his best attempt at welcoming and providing hospitality to all the women in attendance with Adelaide's help. Nathan danced with several of them, while Adelaide mingled others. On the third day, Sophia came to the ball in a red dress, supposedly at Adelaide's prodding. Nathan was swept off of his feet, and the two danced, drank, and talked for most of the night, much to the chagrin of the other ladies in attendance, though naturally to Adelaide's design, as Adelaide and Sophia were close friends.

Adelaide enjoyed playing hostess at the ball, and dressed as richly for the event as the highborn ladies in attendance did. She made friends and acquaintances with several of them, and provided insights, observations and suggestions to her brother about the women she encountered. It was said that her personal favorite was Sophia, and though the ball ended without any official courtships, it is known that Nathan and Sophia developed a romantic interest in each other as a result of their encounter at the ball.

Although Adelaide enjoyed her role at court, it came to an end when she declared her intention on attending university the following year. According to palace insiders, she was eager to pursue a university education in the footsteps of her parents. Upon her resignation of palace duties, her cousin Cassandra took over, though palace insiders said that Cassandra attempted to force Adelaide out sooner in order to replace her more quickly.


Princess Adelaide enrolled at the prestigious University of Ghish in the autumn of 2006, and took up residence at a house on campus that had previously been used as a residency for members of the Imperial Family (including her father, who last attended the University in 1986). She lived alone, though she was provided servants and security by her father. She thrived in the university setting and earned high marks in her studies, although she remained an undeclared major for the first two years. She ultimately settled for plant biology on the grounds of personal interest, lacking any career ambition in that field. She was withdrawn from the social scene and spent much of her free time studying or spending time with her family and cousins.


Arthur, Duke of Oxonia

Adelaide entered her first official courtship in January 2010, when she began courting Prince Arthur of Oxonia – then second in line to the Gelonian throne. Adelaide and Arthur were rumored to be in a relationship previously, as early as 2006, though neither ever confirmed these rumors. Early on in the courtship, Arthur regularly visited Adelaide in Ghant. In a report released after his death, it was revealed that Arthur had used two years of accumulated military leave to visit Adelaide in 2010 alone.

Adelaide and Arthur were regularly seen together at social functions throughout Belisaria and Ghant. In 2011, a report was released in Gelonian newspapers that Adelaide’s courtship of Arthur was delayed due to interests in courts of both countries to see Arthur’s sister Princess Lena court Adelaide’s brother Nathan. Arthur fervently denied the allegations, however, Lena confirmed these claims in a 2017 interview with G+.

By 18 August 2011, a betrothal agreement was reached and announced. Arthur proposed to Adelaide on 6 March 2012, however this was not announced until the following week. Adelaide’s engagement ring was the same engagement ring given to Princess Lucia of Alba by Robert, Crown Prince of Ghant for their engagement in 1916. Planning of the wedding began promptly, and Adelaide relocated to Gelonia and took up residence in her own apartment in Oxonia. Preparations for the wedding were delayed due to the death and funeral of Arthur’s grandmother, Queen Rimoete II, and the subsequent coronation of his father King Arthur XI. The wedding was rescheduled for February 2013.

Adelaide’s engagement to Arthur came to a tragic end when, on 22 September 2012, Arthur died in a car accident in the Redones district of Oxonia. Police were called to the scene of a car crash at 2:00 am, after repeated calls of a drunk driver in the area. An investigation into Arthur’s death revealed that he was in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by his uncle Prince David, when it was struck by a drunk driver. Arthur was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital, though David suffered non-life threatening injuries, including a broken leg and collar bone.

Arthur’s family organized a private funeral for Arthur on 7 October 2012, at Lugudunon Cartrefu. It was immediately followed by his state funeral and burial at Saint-Brieuc Basilica, in Oxonia. Adelaide and her family attended each funeral.

Adelaide was heartbroken, and her demeanor changed following Arthur’s death. While before she was mirthful, witty and laughed easily, afterward she became serious, dour and miserly. She began wearing black and refused to court again for some time after that. She eventually returned to Ghant at the request of her father, and Adelaide returned to him decidedly grim. John’s death in December of 2012 exacerbated her grief and drove her further into a state of depression.

On account of how poorly Adelaide’s mental state was following the deaths of her fiance and father, she garnered the moniker "the Black Princess" among the press, on account of her manner of dress, grave disposition and the nature of her circumstances. She continued to reside at the Imperial Court of her brother, now Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant, though she took on no responsibilities and lived in seclusion, appearing in an official capacity only for Nathan’s coronation in May 2013, and Nathan and Sophia’s wedding in February 2014.

Alexius Pinarius

Following the death of Arthur, Adelaide refused to participate in courtships or romantic relationships, turning away numerous suitors. However, at Nathan’s wedding in February 2014, Adelaide was reintroduced to Alexius Pinarius, a Latin nobleman and cousin of Adelaide’s own cousin Princess Maria of Latium. The two were childhood acquaintances and on friendly terms throughout their lives. It wasn’t until March that rumors of a possible courtship were discussed in the media, after Alexius made a surprise trip to Ghish. Over the next six months, Alexius made at least 12 trips to Ghish and Adelaide numerous trips to Latium.

A relationship between Adelaide and Alexius was announced by the Ghantish Imperial Family on 19 July 2014.

Ghish Cathedral, where Adelaide was married in 2016.

Adelaide continued her relationship with Alexius for a year and a half, after which the Ghantish imperial family announced Adelaide’s engagement to Alexius on 2 September 2015. They were married on 6 February 2016, at Ghish Cathedral.

Upon her marriage, Adelaide moved to Castellum to live with her husband. Together, their primary residence is a townhouse in Castellum’s Velia district. Since marrying in 2015, Adelaide and Alexius have had two children: Michael, born in 2017; and Silvanus, born in 2019.

Styles, titles, and honors

  • 16 March 1989 – 8 November 2014: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Imperial
  • 8 November 2014 – Present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Adelaide

Foreign honors

  •  Gelonia: Dame of the Most Noble and Distinguished Order of the Clover Order of the Thistle UK ribbon.svg
  •  Latium: Dame of the Order of the Golden Eagle Order of Isabella the Catholic - Sash of Collar.svg
  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg
  •  Sydalon: Lady of the Honorable Order of St Philip Kongens fortjenstmedalje.svg


Name Birth Death Notes
By Alexius Pinarius
Michael Pinarius (2017-08-11) 11 August 2017 (age 5)
Silvanus Pinarius (2019-10-10) 10 October 2019 (age 3)


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