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Adelaide of Ghant

Adelaide of Ghant
Princess Imperial
Adelaide of Ghant.png
Queen consort of Trella
Tenure05 May 2017 – present
Coronation10 October 2017
Born (1989-03-16) 16 March 1989 (age 31)
Empress Elisabeth Hospital, Ghish, Ghant
Robert VIII, King of Trella (m. 2014)
Full name
Adelaide Adenora Beladore Grace
FatherJohn, Crown Prince of Ghant
MotherCaroline Zuria
ReligionChurch of Ghant

Adelaide of Ghant (Adelaide Adenora Beladore Grace; born 16 March 1989) is the second child and oldest daughter of John, Crown Prince of Ghant and Caroline Zuria, making her a member of the Ghantish Imperial Family and Princess Imperial of Ghant. She is the wife of King Robert VII of Trella, a constituent state of Ghant.

Birth and Naming

Adelaide was born on 16 March 1989, at 4:30 PM in Empress Elisabeth Hospital in Ghish, the second child of Crown Prince John of Ghant and Caroline Zuria, and fifth grandchild of Emperor Alan I of Ghant and Empress Grace of Langael. Unlike the complicated birth of her older brother, Adelaide’s was quite normal by comparison, the delivery having taken place without incident. She was baptised in the Imperial Chapel at Inperiala Palace on 1 June 1994, her godparents being her maternal grandparents, Raymund Zuria and Adenora of Gelonia. She was named after Empress Adelaide, her maternal grandmother Adenora, her paternal great-grandmother Beladore of Gelonia and her paternal grandmother Grace.

Early Life and Education

In contrast with her older brother, Adelaide was by all accounts an active, healthy infant without any health problems. Like her brother, Adelaide’s early years were spent at the Imperial Court of her grandfather. Unfortunately, the marriage of Adelaide’s parents quickly deteriorated not long after her birth. Caroline, already on poor terms with the Imperial Family, became estranged from them and her and John separated, leading the press to speculate that divorce proceedings were in the works.

In 1990, John began a relationship with Princess Isabella of Latium, with the intention of marrying her once his divorce from Caroline was finalized. Isabella subsequently gave birth to a son, Leo in August of that year, although the divorce required authorization from the Jauneketxea in order to be finalized, which that body was unable to grant in a timely manner as a result of Caroline’s father Raymond obstructing the process and building opposition to it among the nobility. As a result, Nathan and Adelaide were raised alongside Leo at the Imperial Palace, with Isabella replacing Caroline in an unofficial capacity, the latter continuing to claim the title of Crown Princess from her father’s seat in Zuria.

By all accounts, Adelaide got along well with Nathan and Leo, and came to view Isabella as a mother figure. She was close with Isabella as well as her grandmother Empress Grace. She was joined at court by her cousins Princesses Alysanne, Eleanor, Frederica and Cassandra with whom she spent a great deal of time playing. The young Adelaide was described as intelligent, kind, thoughtful, witty and quick to laugh.

Due to Nathan’s condition, he was the subject of the majority of their family’s affections, though Adelaide was said to be compassionate towards her brother, and not demonstrating jealousy. Despite that, Empress Grace enjoyed spending time with Adelaide, playing tea party and planting in the palace gardens. Adelaide developed a life-long interest in gardening and the natural world as a result of her early childhood experiences with her grandmother.

John and Isabella had a daughter, Diana in 1993, in anticipation of the divorce being finalized by the Jauneketxea. However when Adelaide was five, Crown Prince John died in a plane crash on April 31, 1994, in a plane crash off the coast of Dakmoor during his return flight to Ghish, before the divorce could be finalized, making Nathan the heir apparent of his grandfather. At the time Isabella was pregnant and later gave birth to a daughter, Theodora. In the weeks preceding John’s death, he had reconciled with Caroline, and in December she gave birth to a daughter, Arietta.

In order to prepare Nathan to succeed, Emperor Alan maintained Nathan at the Imperial Palace, who was now Crown Prince, along with Adelaide, Isabella, Diana and Theodora. Alan allowed Caroline to keep Princess Arietta when she was born. Caroline within a few months of John’s death married Charles Kindaro, a professional yachtsman. The Emperor was greatly enraged by this and restricted Caroline’s visitation rights to the Imperial Palace, who up until that point frequently visited Nathan and Adelaide. This was hard on Adelaide, and while she struggled being separated from her mother at such a young age, she found comfort in Isabella, Grace and her cousins. Grace wrote in her memoirs that she was quick to adapt to changing circumstances and had a knack for landing on her feet, though like her brother was prone to bouts of melancholy.

In order to ease the stresses Nathan faces as Crown Prince, the Emperor agreed to foster Prince Martin of Dakmoor in the Imperial Palace. Martin would become Nathan's best friend along with his half-brother Leo, and the three boys would remain very close throughout their lives. Adelaide formed a close bond with Martin as well, and remained lifelong friends. Adelaide’s education was overseen by her grandmother Empress Grace, and was educated alongside her cousins.

However, Adelaide’s cousins were enrolled in the prestigious Ghish Girl’s Academy, while Adelaide’s education remained in the hands of private tutors. Adelaide proved a quick study, learning Latin, Gariman, Garzan and Gelonian, and excelled in science. It was noted by her tutors and Governess, Lady Jaena Balmora, that Adelaide was intellectually advanced for her age, though she was easily distracted and fond of pranks.

Regency Period

On May 19th, 1997, Emperor Alan died of a brain aneurysm while sleeping, and was discovered dead the following morning by servants. Once imperial physicians confirmed the death of the Emperor, imperial retainers went to the chambers of the nine year old Prince to inform him that his grandfather was dead, and that he was now Emperor of Ghant. It was reported that he cried hysterically. Adelaide, then eight years old, was said to have simply nodded, understanding the implications of the event.

Immediately after learning of the Emperor’s death, Grace reasserted her authority and exercised de-factor imperial authority until a regent could be declared by the Jauneketxea. She put herself forward as a candidate for regent, while inviting her second son Albert and Isabella to join an interim regency council. Their primary focus was to expedite the coronation ceremony. Regardless of the outcome, it was agreed upon that Grace would oversee Adelaide’s education, as had been the case before Alan’s death.

Nathan’s coronation as Emperor took place on July 17, 1997, and became the most watched television event in the history of Ghant. Adelaide stood at the altar not far away from her brother throughout the ceremony, next to her grandmother, Dowager Empress Grace. She quickly became the obsession of the media, with reporters and commentators noting her serious demeanor throughout the ceremony.

It was decided that the new Emperor would have a regent until his eighteenth birthday, and would assume formal guardianship of both Nathan and Adelaide. The Jauneketxea gathered in Ghish in the days after the coronation and corresponding celebrations and deliberated on who the region should be. Grace was ultimately defeated by Albert, who was subsequently nominated by the Jaunektexa. Albert accepted and Grace relinquished power to her son, though continued to wield influence over the imperial court, and as previously agreed, Grace continued to oversee Adelaide’s education.

The Prince Regent was a cold, distant man, and his first actions as regent earned him significant unpopularity. One of his first actions was to banish Isabella and her children from court, stripped them of their titles and had them repatriated to Latium, an action which immediately caused relations with Latium to sink. He also had a habit of heavy-handed rulership that brought him into conflict with the elected government, and was frequently accused of political interference. His relationship with Nathan was harsh. He offered the young Emperor neither emotional support or any kind of affection- it was widely believed that he had a personal disliking for his nephew due to a hatred for Caroline. As a result, the only support figure that Nathan had in Ghish was his grandmother, Empress Dowager Grace, and the influence that Albert had at court was countered only by her.

Adelaide, on the other hand, was largely left alone by Albert, though she had no friends or companions her age during the early years of the regency. She enjoyed occasional playdates with her cousins and spent a significant amount of time with her grandmother, but the banishment of Isabella and her children provoked Adelaide to loneliness and periodic outbursts. When Grace died of brain cancer in 2000, the young Emperor, aged twelve, and Adelaide, aged ten, were absolutely devastated. It took two grown men to pull Nathan from her casket at her funeral, as he cried hysterically, and Adelaide was said to have cried a great deal as well.

Following Grace’s death, Albert assumed personal responsibility for his niece’s education, though he lacked any interest in exercising this responsibility. Ultimately he granted this role to Adelaide’s governess, Lady Jaena Balmora, who had instructed Adelaide since she was a toddler, and had the confidence of the late Dowager Empress. Adelaide thrived under Lady Balmora, and given the absence of other female parental figures, came to regard her as a surrogate.

After Grace died, the Prince Regent was free to exert total control over the imperial court as well as the Emperor's development, a consequence of which was that Adelaide and Nathan seldom interacted until the regency ended. Albert insisted on strict curfews on the Emperor, limited his ability to leave the Imperial Palace, and filled the court with northern favorites, many of whom were brought in to train the Emperor in martial skills. The Emperor was regularly disciplined harshly by his retainers. Adelaide also suffered under her uncle, who applied the same restrictions to his niece, and attempted to compel her to make friends with the northern girls that Albert’s favorites brought to court. Adelaide was said to be polite and courteous with them, but possessed a certain coldness as she had no interest in familiarizing herself with her uncle’s cabal, whom she came to despise.

Despite this, Nathan and Adelaide regularly received visits from extended family members, such as the Gelonian Royal Family and members of the Guegani family. It was at this point that Nathan and Adelaide struck up friendships with his third cousin Prince Arthur of Oxonia, Princess Lena of Oxonia, and Grace Domnonea. They also made some of his first overseas visits as Emperor, most often visiting Gelonia at this stage.

Adelaide and Nathan visited Latium in August 1997 with their grandmother Grace to celebrate the birthday of his brother Leo. The visit was controversial in both Ghant and Latium, as Prince Regent Albert was prohibited from accompanying Nathan. The planned week long stay was cut short after Leo, Prince Consort suffered a heart attack during Prince Leo’s birthday celebration. Various reports from the event implicated Nathan’s actions at the party as a cause for bringing on the Prince Consort’s heart attack. The Prince Consort died the following day on 1 September 1997.

Occasionally, Adelaide was allowed to go on state trips to fulfill some duties on behalf of her brother, a role in which she excelled due to her personal charm, wit and honesty. Adelaide quickly made friends when she wanted to, and lords and princes enjoyed entertaining her. She used this influence to defy her uncle at court and provide support for her brother. Albert, frustrated by his niece’s guile, found himself unwilling to discipline her, and gradually acquiesced to her demands.

In the days leading up to the Emperor’s eighteenth birthday, Albert’s favorites at court began to depart the palace en masse, fearing reprisal from the Emperor. As they began to leave, the seventeen year old Adelaide incrementally increased her own power and influence at court, anticipating the ensuing power vacuum. Albert himself departed from Ghish a week before the Emperor’s birthday, though continued to claim the regency if in name only. During that final week, the Palace was virtually empty aside from the Emperor, Adelaide, imperial servants and palace staff, while various members of the Imperial Family, including Nathan’s uncle Prince Stephen and Great-Uncle Prince Edward fulfilled various administrative obligations. Adelaide began acting as Lady of the Palace during this time, functioning in a role traditionally reserved for the Empress.

On Nathan’s eighteenth birthday, the regency officially came to an end and he immediately began to exercise imperial authority. His first action was officially discharging Albert as regent, restricting his access to the imperial court and permanently banishing all of Albert’s favorites from Ghish. His second action was to undo Albert’s decrees against Isabella and her children, officially restoring to them their titles, privileges and granting them substantial incomes. Thirdly, he attempted to restore confidence in the Imperial Family with the public, the press and the government, though this was met with little success. Adelaide, for her part, focused on providing leadership within the palace and weeding out any spies that Albert may have left behind.

The Emperor remained isolated and distant, and spent his time reading, writing, watching television and playing games, while Adelaide began overseeing some administrative tasks, to which she proved capable. Though still only seventeen, Lady Balmora later wrote that Adelaide behaved like a woman twice her age, and that point Lady Balmora transitioned from governess to advisor and companion to Adelaide, who had achieved a mastery of her education.

Nathan instituted many changes to the Imperial Palace. Unlike his uncle, who was rigid and caught up in formalities, Nathan was very casual and relaxed in terms of imperial protocol. He slept in everyday and passed on the morning routine of the emperor, he insisted that he be referred to as "Nathan," as opposed to "Your Majesty," and he strove to be more in touch with the common people. He went on walks around Ghish, went to sporting events, engaged the populace on the internet, and often had pizza delivered to the Imperial Palace, which he would receive and pay for personally. Adelaide, on the other hand, insisted on carrying on with her lifelong routines, observing strict formality and imperial protocol.


Accession Ball

In the summer of 2006, Nathan hosted an accession ball, which Adelaide organized and oversaw, with the intention of finding a highborn lady roughly his age, who would become the next Empress of Ghant. Several hundred appeared over the three day event, including several prominent princesses and noblewomen from Belisaria. Among the notable women in attendance were, Princess Emmanuelle of Tiberias, Alienor of Turenne, Grace Domnonea, Antonia Antistia, Delal Hazarasp, Gabrielia Pinaria, Theodora Ulpia, Tatjana of Silingia, Madeline of Mauchatel, Maria of Garza, Valencia of Garza, Frederica of Nyrundy, Dagmar of Sudmark and Olympe of Hayan.

Princess Adelaide of Ghant.

The Emperor was incredibly shy and socially awkward, though he made his best attempt at welcoming and providing hospitality to all the women in attendance with Adelaide's help. Nathan danced with several of them, while Adelaide mingled others. On the third day, Sophia came to the ball in a red dress, supposedly at Adelaide's prodding. Nathan was swept off of his feet, and the two danced, drank, and talked for most of the night, much to the chagrin of the other ladies in attendance, though naturally to Adelaide's design.

Adelaide enjoyed playing hostess at the ball, and dressed as richly for the event as the highborn ladies in attendance did. She made friends and acquaintances with several of them, and provided insights, observations and suggestions to her brother about the women she encountered. It was said that her personal favorite was Sophia, and though the ball ended without any official courtships, it is known that Nathan and Sophia developed a romantic interest in each other as a result of their encounter at the ball.

Although Adelaide enjoyed her role at court, it was short lived, as she intended on attending university the following year. According to palace insiders, she was eager to pursue a university education in the footsteps of her father. Upon her resignation of palace duties, her cousin Cassandra took over, though palace insiders said that Cassandra attempted to force Adelaide out sooner in order to replace her more quickly.


Princess Adelaide enrolled at the prestigious University of Ghish in the autumn of 2006, and took up residence at a house on campus that had previously been used as a residency for members of the Imperial Family (including her father, who last attended the University in 1984). She lived alone, though she was provided servants and security by her brother. She thrived in the university setting and earned high marks in her studies, although she remained an undeclared major for the first two years. She ultimately settled for plant biology on the grounds of personal interest, lacking any career ambition in that field. She was withdrawn from the social scene and spent much of her free time studying or spending time with her brother and cousins.


Arthur, Duke of Oxonia

Adelaide entered her first official courtship in January 2010, when she began courting Prince Arthur of Oxonia – then second in line to the Gelonian throne. Adelaide and Arthur were rumored to be in a relationship previously, as early as 2006, though neither ever confirmed these rumors. Early on in the courtship, Arthur regularly visited Adelaide in Ghant. In a report released after his death, it was revealed that Arthur had used two years of accumulated military leave to visit Adelaide in 2010 alone.

Adelaide and Arthur were regularly seen together at social functions throughout Belisaria and Ghant. In 2011, a report was released in Gelonian newspapers that Adelaide’s courtship of Arthur was delayed due to interests in courts of both countries to see Arthur’s sister Princess Lena court Adelaide’s brother Nathan. Arthur fervently denied the allegations, however, Lena confirmed these claims in a 2017 interview with G+.

By 18 August 2011, a betrothal agreement was reached and announced. Arthur proposed to Adelaide on 6 March 2012, however this was not announced until the following week. Adelaide’s engagement ring was the same engagement ring given to Princess Lucia of Alba by Robert, Crown Prince of Ghant for their engagement in 1916. Planning of the wedding began promptly, and Adelaide relocated to Gelonia and took up residence in her own apartment in Oxonia. Preparations for the wedding were delayed due to the death and funeral of the Arthur’s grandmother, Queen Rimoete II, and the subsequent coronation of his father King Arthur XI. The wedding was rescheduled for February 2013.

Adelaide’s engagement to Arthur came to a tragic end when, on 22 September 2012, Arthur died in a car accident in the Redones district of Oxonia. Police were called to the scene of a car crash at 2:00 am, after repeated calls of a drunk driver in the area. An investigation into Arthur’s death revealed that he was in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by his uncle Prince David, when it was struck by a drunk driver. Arthur was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital, though David suffered non-life threatening injuries, including a broken leg and collar bone.

Arthur’s family organized a private funeral for Arthur on 7 August 2012, at Lugudunon Cartrefu. It was immediately followed by his state funeral and burial at Saint-Brieuc Basilica, in Oxonia. Adelaide and her family attended each funeral.

Adelaide was heartbroken, and her demeanor changed following Arthur’s death. While before she was mirthful, witty and laughed easily, afterward she became serious, dour and miserly. She began wearing black and refused to court again for some time after that. She eventually returned to Ghant at the request of her brother, and Adelaide returned to him decidedly grim. She resided at her brother’s court and garnered the moniker “the Black Princess” among the public, on account of her manner of dress, grave disposition and the nature of her circumstances.

Robert VII of Trella

Roughly a year after Arthur’s death, King William V of Trella submitted a formal inquiry to Nathan concerning the status of Princess Adelaide as a possible bride for his eldest son and heir, Crown Prince Robert. Trella is an island kingdom and a constituent state of Ghant to the southwest of mainland Ghant that had been seeking closer ties to the Imperial Family. Wiliam’s wife, Tessia Atmos, was the sister of Latin Empress Marsella, so Nathan did consider Trella politically advantageous. However, Nathan informed William that given his sister’s recent experiences, any courtship would be her decision.

Much to the surprise of many, Adelaide agreed to court Robert, and an official courtship was announced between the two of them. The process was rather extensive, lasting from the summer of 2013 until the summer of 2014, and consisting of Robert spending a significant amount of time at the Imperial Court of Ghish, and Adelaide traveling to the Royal Palace of Telleria in Trella. In August 2014, a formal engagement was announced, with a wedding date set for March of the following year.

Due to her previous engagement, Adelaide refused to assume residence in Telleria until after the wedding was complete, and Robert temporarily took up residence in Ghish in anticipation of the event. Robert and Adelaide were married in an extravagant ceremony at the Cathedral of Ghish on 3 March 2015, and wedding celebrations took place over the course of the next seven days. It had been remarked upon in the media that Adelaide seemed to lack any great enthusiasm for the event or affection for Robert, though she did not seem unhappy.

Adelaide and Robert lingered in Ghish until April 2015, since she celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday in March of that year. Adelaide enjoyed a close relationship with her sister-in-law Sophia and was said to be reluctant to part from her company too quickly. After her birthday festivities, she relocated with Robert to Telleria and assumed her role of Crown Princess of Trella.


Crown Princess of Trella

Adelaide earned a poor reputation among the people in Telleria for her unwillingness to make public appearances alongside her husband, her lack of involvement in local charities and her standoffishness with the press. Palace insiders noted her penchant for dressing in black and her preoccupation with death, and many speculated that she was suffering from either depression or Posttraumatic stress disorder. There was speculation that she and Robert’s relationship was rapidly deteriorating, on account of them being seldom seen together.

In spite of this, in June 2016, the Palace of Telleria announced that Adelaide was with child. She gave birth to a daughter, Alyssa, in November 2016. Emperor Nathan and Empress Sophia served as Godparents. Adelaide gradually starting making public appearances shortly after Alyssa’s birth, and began participating in a charity that provides clothes for children in need.

Queen of Trella

In May 2017, King William V died in a sailing accident during a storm off the western coast of Trella. Upon the discovery of William’s body, Robert was proclaimed King of Trella, and Adelaide became Queen Consort. The coronation ceremony that year was widely attended by foreign sovereigns and members of the various great families of Ghant.

In May 2019, the Palace of Telleria announced that Adelaide was pregnant once more, and in October of that year, she gave birth to a son, whom Robert and Adelaide named Arthur after the latter’s late fiancee. Lena, Princess Royal of Gelonia and her husband, Prince Merrick of Dakmoor, are Arthur’s Godparents.

Styles, titles, and honors

  • 16 March 1989 – 3 March 2015: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Imperial
  • 3 March 2015 – 5 May 2017: Her Highness The Crown Princess of Trella
  • 3 March 2015 – present: Her Royal Highness The Queen of Trella

Foreign honors


Name Birth Death Notes
By Arthur VII of Trella
Princess Alyssa of Trella (2016-11-11) 11 November 2016 (age 3)
Arthur, Crown Prince of Trella (2019-10-10) 10 October 2019 (age 12 months)


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