Anastasia of Ghant

Anastasia of Ghant
Latin Empress consort;
Queen consort of Belfras
Tenure8 December 2017 – present
Coronation8 December 2017
Born (1994-04-01) 1 April 1994 (age 25)
Empress Elena Hospital, Ghish, Ghant
IssueDiana, Princess of Youth
Full name
Anastasia Afanasiia Roksana Euphemia
FatherPrince Richard of Ghant
MotherMinka, Grand Duchess of Nekulturnya
ReligionChurch of Ghant

Anastasia of Ghant (Anastasia Afanasiia Roksana Euphemia; born 1 April 1994), also known as Anastasia Augusta, is the current Latin Empress by virtue of her marriage to Latin Emperor Constantine XX. She is the younger daughter of Prince Richard of Ghant, and Grand Duchess Minka of Nekulturnya, making her a member of the Ghantish Imperial Family.

Birth and Naming

Anastasia was born on 1 April 1994, at 12:00 PM in Empress Elena Hospital in Ghish, the fourth child of Prince Richard of Ghant and Minka of Nekulturnya, and twelfth grandchild of Emperor Albert I of Ghant and Empress Grace of Langael. She was baptised in the Imperial Chapel at Inperiala Palace on 1 August 1994, her godparents being: Donal of Langael (her grandmother’s brother); his wife Lady Mia Fegusa; Lord Jonothor Devlyn and his wife Lady Louisa Ecaz. The absence of any Nekulturnyan godparents was due to increased tensions between Nekulturnya and Ghant at the time of Anastasia’s birth. As a result, her parent’s choice of name was not announced until two weeks later, and was met with controversy.

Early Life and Education

Princess Anastasia spent the earliest years of her life at the court of her grandfather, Emperor Albert I of Ghant, where she grew alongside her elder cousins, including her older sister Cassandra, older brothers Bryan and Christopher, and the then Nathan, Crown Prince of Ghant, along with several others. The tensions between Ghant and Nekulturnya resulted in war, and so her parents were not as close anymore nor involved in the lives of their children. Regardless, Minka gave birth to a son, Cameron in 1996, their fifth and final child.

On May 19th, 1997, Emperor Albert died and was succeeded by Anastasia’s cousin Nathan, who became Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant. As he was only nine years old, he required a regency, during which time Anastasia’s uncle Albert, Prince of Ghant was appointed Regent by the Jauneketxea. Though some of her Imperial relatives departed court, Anastasia remained, as did her older sister Cassandra and the children of her uncle Prince Stephen: Princess Alysanne, Princess Eleanor and Princess Frederica.

At the age of five, Anastasia was enrolled in the prestigious Ghish Girl’s Academy, following Cassandra, Alysanne, Eleanor and Frederica. Of the five, however, it was noted by instructors and tutors that Anastasia was the worst behaved and possessed the lowest grades. Anastasia was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven, though this information was not made public until she disclosed it at the age of eighteen.

It was in January 2006 during Anastasia’s final year at Ghish Girl’s Academy that her cousin Emperor Nathan attained his age of majority, and it was at that time that the overbearing presence of her uncle Albert ceased to be, as he had departed Ghish for his wife’s lands in Ziri. Anastasia, her sisters and her cousins experienced far more freedom, allowing Anastasia to explore creative interests such as painting and photography.

Anastasia advanced to the private all-girls preparatory Women’s School of Ghish, following in the footsteps of her older sister and cousins. Her grades steadily improved, and was a self-described “B average student.” Her areas of interest were drama, literature, photography and painting. Mounting tensions between Anastasia and her sister prompted the former not to follow the latter to the Women’s College of Ghish, instead choosing to enroll in the University of Abaza in 2013 following a gap-year in which she traveled Ghant.

The University of Abaza offered Anastasia freedom and creative outlets not available to her in Ghish. Although initially an undeclared major, Anastasia eventually chose to enroll in the Communications program, earning her undergraduate degree in 2016.


Abaza is well known for its association with nightlife, electronic dance music and for the summer club scene, all of which attract large numbers of tourists. Anastasia was a fixture at many social events, dabbling in stand-up comedy, performing as a disc jockey and taking photographs of various events in which she was in attendance. She made Abaza her permanent year-round home, and was absent from the Imperial Court throughout her duration in post-secondary school.

Anastasia achieved a notorious reputation due to her refusal to participate in any Imperial functions, refusal to allow herself to be courted or to engage in charitable causes, all of which she has been candid about in interviews and in her blog entitled “Abstract Anastasia.” On the matter of charity, Anastasia stated in her blog that “charity is something rich people do for poor people to feel better about themselves. Like for food donations, charities prioritize who the food goes to, most notably children. I hate that, because I believe that all hunger is wrong, that nobody should go hungry. The truth is, we have more than enough food to feed everyone, but the people who control the food would rather keep it and appear generous in giving it out, rather than address the problem of why people are hungry to begin with. So no, I’m not going to be a part of that, because I want to address the causes, not the symptoms.”

In the months leading up to the Ghantish Republic Referendum of 2014, Anastasia said in an interview that “eventually, people are going to wake up and realize that they don’t have to be second class citizens in their own country anymore. When that day comes, I hope my cousin the Emperor is ready to address the problems facing this country, instead of burying his head in the sand.” Anastasia’s liberal social views have been apparent in her social media posts.

Anastasia has also been especially open about her mental issues and social struggles in interviews and on her blog. “I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve struggled with anxiety. I’ve struggled with eating disorders. Once you realize that lots of people struggle with these things, you find solidarity. You can talk about them, make jokes about them, overcome them because you realize that you won’t allow those issues to rule your life.”

Marriage to Constantine XX


Anastasia met then Constantine, Prince of Youth at the wedding of her cousin Arietta of Ghant and Vitus, Crown Prince of Staalmark in summer 2016. The pair was said to have little contact from after the wedding until the end of the 2016 succession crisis after which they reconnected. In an recent interview, Anastasia confessed that “to be honest I didn’t really know what to think at the time, because nobody ever courted me, and I didn’t really have much interest in that sort of thing. He was nice though, intelligent and cute, so after that I sort of wondered in the back of my mind ‘what if.’”

Rumors the two were courting first began as Anastasia was invited to a Castellum military parade on 13 January 2017. Latin Imperial Offices and a spokesperson from the Ghantish Imperial Family announced that Anastasia and Constantine began courting in February 2017. The couple was engaged in September 2017.

Anastasia married Constantine XX on 8 December 2017 at the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin, in Adrianople. The ceremony was officiated by Archbishop of Adrianople Eutychianus Caesennius, and attended by guests from across the world. Anastasia was coronated as Latin Empress in the same ceremony. The wedding cost an estimated $22 million, and was a bank holiday.


Latin Imperial Offices announced, on 26 March 2018, that Anastasia was expecting the Imperial Family’s first child on the Imperial Family's social media accounts. Anastasia continued to carry out her official duties and scheduled engagements throughout the pregnancy. She went into labor just after midnight on 26 September 2018, and gave birth to Diana, Princess of Youth later that day.

Public life

As Latin Empress, Anastasia is very protective of her privacy, making only the occasional public appearance and participating in limited social engagements. It is rumored that there is conflict between her and the Latin Imperial Court regarding her continued online presence and use of social media, such as her account under the name ”UrAnas”.

Anastasia has been outspoken about her opposition to the non-enforced Morality Act, having stated that “what’s the point of having a bunch of laws that won’t be enforced? If you have a law that you won’t enforce, don’t have the law.” The Morality Acts were repealed by Imperial Order on 23 October 2018, followed by protections from discrimination for members of the LGBT community in Latium.

The Empress also enjoys a close relationship with her cousin Frederica, who is married to Prince Donus of Paloton. Anastasia is godmother to their child, Prince Theodorus of Paloton.

Styles, titles, and honors

  • 1 April 1994 – 8 December 2017: Her Imperial Highness Princess Anastasia of Ghant
  • 8 December 2017 – present: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress
    • In Belfras 8 December 2017 – present: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress, Queen of Belfras

Foreign honors

  •  Sydalon: Grand Officer of the Order of the Holy Lance Mauriziana BAR.svg


Name Birth Death Notes
By Constantine XX of Latium
Diana, Princess of Youth (2018-09-26) 26 September 2018 (age 10 months)

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