Divided (Film)

Divided Release Poster.png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJacob Jansen
Produced byFrederick Borlen
James Morgan
Jory Mertewek
Written byJames Morgan
Richard Headington
Screenplay byArthur McMahnn
Alexander Mistern
P B Volada
Story byFlann Mairn
Based onDivided
StarringJan van Breyback
Ella Morgan
Music byDavid Janey-Webs
CinematographyJean Flurisian
O'Connel Studios
Plurileye Productions
Distributed byO'Connell Studios
Release date
  • 18 October 2020 (2020-10-18) (Montecara Film Festival)
Running time
144 minutes
Budget12 Million Guilders
Box office7.1 Million Guilders

Divided (Hennish: Verdeeld) is a 2020 Satavian Thriller film, directed by Jacob Jansen, based on the novel by Flann Mairn of the same name, which won the Satavian Author's Prize. About the aftermath of the accidental death of his brother, an officer in the Satavian Army is force into hiding, with the Satavian Army following in a terrifying, murderous pursuit. His family struggles to work out whether to put the officer before their country, and even their lives. Set in the 1980s during a period of political instability and paramilitary violence, the Army has no restrictions on violence - something Daan knows all to well.

The film's soundtrack was a hit, and was conducted by Adam Scornill, with the film's main theme, Yetu, ranking 27th in the Satavian Charts - the highest for any classical peice.

The film was shot on location in Satavia, with some scenes being filmed on a set. It has been nominated for the Béco aùreo at the 81st Montecara Film Festival, despite being a commercial faliure in Satavia.


Daan van Dijk (Jan van Breybach), an officer in the Satavian Army, recieves a phone call from his younger brother, Rick - a violent, gambling alcoholic - in which Rick hysterically tells him that people he owed money to were going to kill him. Annoyed, Daan drives in the lashing rain to Rick's house, where he demands that Daan bails him out. Daan refuses, and in a rage of anger Rick picks up a Kitchen Knife and stabs Daan in the arm. Daan, fighting for his life, stabs Rick in the chest. Rick, mortally wounded, slides to the ground. Daan begins to panic, and flees the scene - knowing that if he's caught, he would be court martialled and executed.

Daan drives to his sister's house. Anne, his sister, has not yet been made aware of the death of her other brother, is supprised to find Daan knocking on her door so late at night. After he enters, he goes upstairs to get money and a disguise and he shaves his beard. Meanwhile, Anne has recieved a phone call from the Satavian Police telling her that he's dangerous and that he's killed Rick. Daan reveals his handgun, and threatens to kill her if she exposes him. After a fight, he retreats from her house and takes her car (ditching his at her house).

Daan travels to his relatives house as well - but none of them, not even his parents, will hide him. His father, despite not letting him stay at their house, sends Daan off with money and food, and tells him to drive away from the cities, get to a port in rural Satavia, and from their get to continental Asteria Inferior.

Daan starts to drive away from the cities - which by now are crawling with police looking for him. After spending the night in a remote motel in the Satavian Highlands, he is recognised as he is leaving by the hotel staff. Seizing the opportunity, he demands cash at gunpoint and flees. His actions in the Motel lead to the Satavian Army being called in to search for him, as opposed to just the Satavian Military Police.

Meanwhile, at Army HQ, the violent and terrifying, General Mark Wallis is determined to to find Daan. They begin by interrogating his sister - and when she tells them that she didn't help him, they don't believe her and burn down her house as an example to others - with Anne inside it. The Army move onto Daan's parents - and brutally and graphically murder his parents too. However, some officers - those who knew Daan, are determined that he is innocent. Lead by an officer named Alice Davis (Ella Morgan), they begin to plot and conspire to work out how to save Daan from his inevitable plight - death.

Daan's frenzied flight across the country includes a shootout with police in Porth Jago, before being caputred in an unspecified location in Northern Satavia. There, the Officer's put their plan into action - and turn their guns on there own Army vans. Having broken Daan free, they travel to a remote dock, where, as part of the officers plan, a ship is waiting.

At the end of the film, one of the officers had been turned, and had lead the Army to their location. Daan and Alice, along with their ragtag band are all killed by the Satavian Army.




Critical Response

The film - despite being well reviewed overseas, was mostly viewed negatively in Satavia. Critics bashed the film for having a "Plot so bad it makes my eyes water"[1] and that it deviated from the plot of the book significantly. The fim was also a commercial faliure - with a budget of 14 Million Guilders, the film only just made slightly more than half of that. The film was given 2 Stars by the Hope Post and recieved an average review of 2.4/5 according to ReviewCritic. The film was praised for it's soundtrack, wich entered the Satavian Charts at number 27 - the highest of any classical peice.




  • Best Soundtrack (Adam Scornill)



  • Béco aùreo at the 81st Montecara Film Festival
  • Best Film (Satavian Choice Award)
  • Best Director (Satavian Choice Award)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Satavian Film Festival)


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