81st Montecara Film Festival

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81st Montecara Film Festival
Official poster for the 2020 Festival
Official poster for the 2020 Festival
LocationÇinematèca di Stado, Montecara
AwardsBéco aùreoHarmony in Ultraviolet
Special Jury Prize –
Festival date17 – 24 October 2020
Montecara Film Festival chronology

The 81st Montecara Film Festival was held from 17 to 24 October 2020. Twenty-two films were screened in competition. Jindanese film Harmony in Ultraviolet won the Béco aùreo, the festival's grand prize.


  • Djamchide Touré, director, Djoka (Béco aùreo 2019)
  • Thiago Silveira, actor, O Fora da Lei (Béco aùreo 1977)
  • Tanaka Mkwananzi, screenwriter, Dzokera kumba (Béco aùreo 1989)
  • Giàda Tumarèl, production designer, Amici ed amànti (Béco aùreo 1998)
  • Emiko Yamamura, director and actress, Sakiko (Béco aùreo 2007)

Official selection

Highlighted title indicates Béco aùreo winner.
Title Original title Country of origin Synopsis
the successors the successors  Ajahadya A black comedy about the leaders of the Ajahadyan Army and Azad Fauj following the Peace of Vadavarja.
Isolated Ôfsûnderje  Alsland After a deadly virus infects most people in Euclea a family must survive and make it to a safe haven, but the arrival of two other survivors begins to tear apart their world.
Water under the Bridge Waater beloh de Bryg  Azmara A romantic comedy following two male students at the University of Aalmsted, one from an upper-middle class intellectual household, another from an economically deprived small town in Sompland. Set in the 1990s, the film explores themes of social class, homophobia and the legacy of the decade on modern Azmara.
Net of Lies Þet Net op Lighen Borland (Kylaris) Borland A crime drama about the lives of the four members of a seemingly ordinary, middle-class family from the outskirts of Newstead, showing the criminal and often dark secrets of each family member and how they try to hide these from each other and the world around them in order to keep the image of the perfect family intact.
The Queen's Choice Rogha na Banríona  Caldia As Estmerish and Weranian marines disembark on Caldia, a young queen faces a difficult choice that will forever change her country.
This World is not my Home Denna Värld Är Inte Mitt Hem  Eldmark A film adaptation of a novel by the same name, a bus of 10 tourists who, while seeking a fun road trip in the hinterlands of Northern Eldmark, find themselves being tracked by unknown assailants as the bindings of reality itself seem to melt around them.
Etten Etten  Estmere A 2020 film recording of the famed 2015 sung-and-rapped-through Globe musical, Etten explores the life of Hennish revolutionary Jan van Etten, from his humble beginnings as a shoeshiner in Zilverzee, to his election as MP in the First Hennish Republic, to his purge of the States-General and subsequent reign of terror. The film ends on a somber note, as a sickly Etten watches his followers jostle over his succession.
I Custodi di Solaria The Custodians of Solaria  Etruria A crime drama, set in post-war Solaria, that follows the story of the eponymous group of Solarian Catholic seminary students who take to vigilantism against organised criminal groups following the violent murder of their favourite mentor and priest. Over the course of six months, the six masked seminarians wage war on criminals big and small, until the weight of their actions inflicts an unexpected toll.
Dynastic Dynastic  Ezenai A historical thriller following young Prince Khachar, heir and favorite cousin of the brutal Arsi Taihu, who is given a choice to follow in Arsi's footsteps or join his friend's pacifistic movement and betray the Taihu.
Brother Frère  Galenia In this historical drama, two brothers are separated during the Galenian Independence War; one fights for Etruria in the name of stability, but the other fights for Galenia in the name of freedom.
The Merchant's Wife La mariée du marchand  Garambura Set in 1915, the wife of a wealthy merchant in Sainte-Germaine gets involved in business with her husband but discovers the rotten underbelly of a successful and prosperous city among the mercantile elite.
Tantasigat Tantasigat  Gaullica A historical biography based on the published journal of Édouard Caillat, Tantasigat follows the scientist through his confined research at the eponymous laboratory and subsequent 'life on the run' following the conclusion of the Great War.
Harmony in Ultraviolet 紫外线中的和谐
(Zǐwàixiàn zhōng de héxié)
 Jindao Based on Helen Dupree's novel of the same name, a girl escapes a troublesome upbringing in rural Shangea. Joining a creed of spirited warriors, she embarks on a journey that reveals man's unmistakable connection with nature.
Scalpel on 15th ຮອຍຂີດຂ່ວນໃນວັນທີ 15
(Hony Khid Khuannaivanthi 15)
 Lavana Following the death of his father, a young man must stop his medical studies to support his rural family of 4 as he struggles to make ends meets and graduate.
Dad Μπαμπάς  Piraea A father must cope with loss and overwhelming desperation following the execution of his wife and children during the Piraean Genocide.
The Northern Front Северная граница  Ravnia The Northern Front follows the story of a young Ravnian tanker during the Great War, the film has been praised by Ravnian historians for its historical accuracy and attention to detail.
Divided Divided  Satavia In the aftermath of the accidental death of his brother, an officer in the Satavian Army is force into hiding, with the Satavian Army following in a terrifying, murderous pursuit. His family struggles to work out whether to put the officer before their country, and even their lives.
Luxure 欲望
 Shangea Set in 1930's Baiqiao, the film depicts a young women marrying a member of the notorious Jiangzhi Gang, an influential yuanminghui organisation. At first enjoying the status and debauchery being associated with the gang gives her powerplays amongst its members, a spiral of violence and drug use and the ever-increasing power of the central state threaten to tear her whole life apart.
The Guest L' Accusé  Slirnia Elena Lazić, a successful Slirnian businesswoman, wakes up in a Drazovice hospital after a high-speed car accident. Together with the man who presents as her lawyer, Elena recreates the days before the accident.
From the Depths От дълбочините
(Ot dŭlbochinite)
Tengaria A young playboy living a carefree and easy life eventually grows bored with his normal habits, and begins to go on a downward spiral eventually resulting in his attempted rape and murder of a woman. Faced with execution, he struggles with the nature of his existence, along with the young priest assigned to be his spiritual guide, the brother of the killed woman, who also struggles to comprehend his sister's death and to understand and heal a murderer.
We won't forsake the land we came from Nie rzucim ziemi, skąd nasz ród  West Miersa Following the invasion of West Miersa by East Miersa, an Episemialist militia rises up to do what the government forces are unable to do: free West Miersa from "socialist tyranny."
Respirer Nafas Kešidan  Zorasan A biographical military action film, based on the book Nafas Kešidan written by Abdollah Shariatmadari. It follows the story of the 18th Tactical Squad of the 20th Takavaran Brigade during their ill-fated raid deep into the Sharezan Forests in pursuit of the Kexri guerilla leader, Mohsen Kara in 2001, where the close-knit group of comrades in arms are tested beyond their wildest nightmares both by their enemy and the forest itself.