Duchy of Kazdora

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Duchy of Kazdora

Berend Kazdorir
Flag of Kazdora
StatusVassal of the Sidereal Crown
• Creation
• Disestablished
Succeeded by
Today part of Trellin

The Duchy of Kazdora was a duchy of the Trellinese Empire. Its ruling house, House Kazdorir, was a leading family in the kingdom by the 11th century. Duke Jemeg married Queen Tovelindra II's daughter Tyasa in the 1020s and was later confirmed as King of Trellin, albeit only briefly.

By the 1400s, Kazdora was only a minor duchy within Idisamo, with holdings in Alyrum, across the Gulf of Lúiv. Duke Iqentos IV wedded Princess Naima of Tikeset in 1370, and set about restoring his family to a prominent position in the Idisamoan court. Iqentos' son became Mahrim I of Trellin on the death of Behrod III of House Neriqai.

Unlike other vassals of Trellin on similar occasions, Kazdora remained a duchy on the accession of Mahrim to the throne of Trellin.

In 1574, Queen Azara III Kazdorir created the Duchy of Palaegon for her daughter, Ulqienë, from the lordship of Palaegon, a town near Zikarë inherited by Mahrim I's successors. Palaegon was ruled by a junior branch of House Kazdorir, House Kazdorir-Tirika, until the death of King Lonaki III, at which point the junior house was renamed House Palægos and its head acceded to the throne as Elcmar IV. The duchy ceased to exist with Lonaki's death.