Mahrim I

Mahrim I
Statue of Mahrim I in Kazdora
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign23 March 1412 – 28 March 1449
Coronation16 and 28 April 1412, respectively
PredecessorBehrod III
Born14 August 1385
Kazdora, Trellin
Died28 March 1449
Full name
Mahrim Iqentos Kazdorir
HouseHouse Kazdorir
FatherIqentos IV of Kazdora
MotherNaima of Tikeset
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Mahrim I (Mahrim Iqentos Kazdorir; 14 August 1385 - 28 March 1449) was the son of Iqentos IV, Duke of Kazdora. He was chosen to be King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera in 1412, shortly after the death of Behrod III Neriqai, who died without an heir. On his death, in 1449, he was succeeded by his son Minrir.

Early life

Mahrim was the second son of Duke Iqentos IV of Kazdora and Naima of Tikeset. The duke's first son, Vasiqru, was born in 1373 but died of a fever in 1378. Princess Naima fell pregnant in November 1384, and a feast was thrown to celebrate the pregnancy in mid-December. Leading families from across Idisamo and southwestern Trellin were invited to the celebrations, which reportedly included "enough wine to float the king's navy all the way to Aqvatanza." During the feast, an inebriated Iqentos led several of his neighbours, including the Duke of Lúiv and two princes from Cebalz, on horseback atop his fortress' new walls, showing off their impregnability. At this point, according to chroniclers, he made several crude remarks about his pregnant wife. His horse suddenly tripped on a loose brick and the duke was thrown to the side, falling off the wall and landing in the courtyard. His companions hurried down to him and were quickly joined by his physician, who determined that Iqentos' back was broken. Iqentos refused to be moved inside and laughed, saying, to the confusion of those around him, "Let them celebrate. Let the boy be king." He then died.

Mahrim was born seven months later and named after his paternal grandfather. While still an infant, he was crowned Duke of Kazdora, as the duchy had sat vacant since his father's death. His mother, Naima, acted as his regent until his thirteenth birthday. Like most Idisamoans of the time, Mahrim was raised as a Catholic.

Mahrim received the fullest education available to him, and on his sixteenth birthday was sent to the Academy of Hyser. He married Princess Qimasa of Luqarn in 1404. Together they had a daughter, Meifalë, but Qimasa died in childbirth in 1408. In 1411, Meifalë pledged to enter a convent for her mother.


Behrod III Neriqai, also known as Behrod the Mad, died in 1412 at the age of 54. He had been mentally unstable and never produced an heir; his closest living relative was a vassal of the Grand Duke of Arimathea and thus ineligible for the throne. The leading nobles of the empire gathered in Mar'theqa to choose a successor. Their search through the imperial archives of Mar'theqa and Hyser turned up the lineage of House Kazdorir and its direct descent from King Jemeg I and Princess Tyasa Tiderinë, daughter of Tovelindra II.

Mahrim was summoned to Mar'theqa to accept the thrones of Trellin and Hysera. In turn, he sent for his family and notables from Idisamo to attend the coronations. Although he was only crowned king of Trellin and emperor of Hysera on 5 April and 14 April, respectively, his reign legally began on 23 March.

His reign was widely accepted as a vast improvement over that of Behrod III. Although his experience as an administrator only extended to a small Idisamoan duchy, he was well served by his education and his friendship with most of the nobles in Idisamo and Alyrum.

In 1420, he married Ésanna of Zikarë; her dowry included lordship of the town of Palaegon, in Idisamo.


A statue of Mahrim I was erected in Kazdora in 1986, in the first year of the reign of his descendant, Mahrim II, to honour his 601st birthday.