Jemeg I

Jemeg I
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign20 May-23 September 1047
Coronation21 May and 1 June, respectively
PredecessorPalav ti'Eza
SuccessorPethmil IV
Born17 December 1005
Kazdora, Idisamo
Died23 September 1047(1047-09-23) (aged 41)
SpouseTyasa of Trellin

Jemeg I (17 December 1005 - 23 September 1047) was King of Trellin for four months in 1047, the Year of Five Kings.

Jemeg was an Idisamoan noble, the Duke of Kazdora, who married Princess Tyasa of House Tiderinë, the daughter of Queen Tovelindra II. A close friend of his brother-in-law, Mokhra II, Jemeg led an army to avenge the king's assassination and the usurpation of the throne by Palav ti'Eza. After killing Palav in battle, most of the Trellinese nobility were satisfied to crown Jemeg king, as the closest male relative (Tyasa having declined the crown) and, to a lesser extent, by right of conquest.

It was not long, however, before his supporters realised Jemeg was an ineffectual ruler. He held power for only a month before several of his generals rose in rebellion, claiming sovereignty over their local areas or over the entire kingdom. The two most prominent were Pethmil of Rosnai and Tarmüz Falaan, who initially claimed the throne but then announced his support for Jemeg when Pethmil also claimed the throne. Jemeg attempted to buy off several commanders, but Pethmil was not so easily appeased and deposed the king, putting him to death and having himself crowned Pethmil IV. Shortly thereafter, Tarmüz marched on Mar'theqa, overthrew Pethmil and was named king for his 'loyalty' to the legitimate line, taking the regnal name Ri'erha II.


After the failure of Ri'erha's line and its successor, House Neriqai, the nobles of Trellin searched the records for the closest male heir. They turned up Duke Mahrim of Kazdora, a direct descendant of Jemeg and Princess Tyasa. He was crowned Mahrim I Kazdorir, and his descendants hold the thrones of Trellin, Hysera and Velar to the present day.