Elcmar IV

Elcmar IV
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign23 March 1739 – 15 August 1780
Coronation16 and 28 April 1739, respectively
PredecessorLonaki III
SuccessorAzara IV
King of the Isles of Velar
Reign7 January 1769 – 15 August 1780
Coronation24 December 1771
PredecessorTarien, Queen of the Isles of Velar
SuccessorAzara IV
Born4 November 1704
Palaegon, Trellin
Died15 August 1780(1780-08-15) (aged 75)
SpouseÍcanta Evdar, Duchess of Emla (m. 1730, d. 1732)
Tarien, Queen of the Isles of Velar (m. 1737, d. 1769)
IssueAzara IV
Pasianë, Princess of Vekri
Ryarna, Duchess of Tkena
Modriq, Duke of Lindros
Full name
Elcmar Palægos
HouseHouse Palægos
FatherElcmar, Duke of Palaegon
ReligionLadath Thaerinë and Roman Catholicism

Elcmar IV (4 November 1704 - 15 August 1780) was the son of Elcmar, Duke of Palaegon. He became King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera on the death of his second cousin, Lonaki III, in 1739, founding House Palægos. He married Ícanta Evdar, Duchess of Emla in 1730, but she died in childbirth two years later. His remarriage, to Queen Tarien of Velar in 1737, led to him inheriting the throne of the Kingdom of the Isles of Velar after her death; this in turn sparked the War of the Velaran Succession, which ravaged the lands around the Sea of Velar from 1769—1771. He held all three titles until his death in 1780 and was succeeded by the only daughter of his first marriage, Azara IV.

Elcmar was a powerful personality and wished to see the Isles of Velar brought fully under Trellinese rule and in line with imperial laws. He could not come to terms with the sanctity of traditional privileges in Velaran culture. In 1773, he attempted to reintroduce capital punishment to Velar, but vigorous protests from all sections, including riots in Txir and Qaina, persuaded him to drop the matter.