Democratic Republic of Earent

Flag of Earent
Motto: Pel druun mar tinandry payl
Location of Earent within southern Lorecia
Location of Earent within southern Lorecia
and largest city
Official languagesEarad
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• Prime Minister
Yeal Munduv
• Total
1,003,900 km2 (387,600 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
Time zoneUTC+1 (Hammer Time)

Earent, officially the Democratic Republic of Earent, is a developed country in southern Lorecia.

Earent is bordered to the north by Haguenau and to the east by Bhormakoro and ViZion. It is also bounded by the Putin Strait to the south and by the Duul lake to the north. The country is predominantly lowland, defined by flat plains with little variation and not rising substantially above sea level. Earent is governed as a democratic republic. Its current Prime Minister is Yeal Munduv. The capital is Eanbyre.

Culturally, Earent is a deeply conservative country. Its population is overwhelmingly Protestant and follows the teachings of the reformer Airaig Scurn. While not actually isolationist, it was for most of its history a neutral country with little ambition in regional politics. During the Great Astyrian War, Earent was occupied by the Nor'western Powers. Several unsuccessful attempts were made at establishing communes at this time. After the war, the monarchy was abolished, leaving a conservative government to hold power for decades under the Christian Democratic Party. In 2010 the government was overthrown and replaced with a military junta which restored the monarchy in a largely ceremonial role.


The name Earent derives from the name of the Ethlorek language that was spoken in the south and east of the country between 400 BC and 200 AD. The Ethlorek population referred to their language as Plains-Speak, or Erhiiandh. This name was adopted by their neighbours to refer to the Earentian Ethlorekoz. When speakers of proto-Earad displaced the Ethlorekoz, the exonym was retained and they ultimately adopted it to refer first to themselves and then to the whole country.



Northeastern Earent is characterised by an expansive karst landscape which slopes gently towards the Duul, the largest lake in Lorecia. Earent controls 628 km2 (242 sq mi) of the lake's 1,671 km2 (645 sq mi) area. The name Duul comes from the Earad meaning a depression or large valley.


The Earentian government is led by an authoritarian regime with an integralist orientation, which differs greatly from other fascist regimes by its lack of expansionism, lack of a fanatical leader, lack of dogmatic party structure, and more moderate use of state force.

The ruling junta is lead by a Scurnist traditionalist, Kor Sladin, who believes in the necessity of control over the forces of economic modernisation in order to defend the religious and rural values of the country, which he perceives as being threatened. One of the pillars of the regime is the secret police. Many political dissidents have been imprisoned at the Faltara prison in the remote northeastern part of the country, or in local jails. Strict state censorship is also in place.

Executive authority is nominally vested in a prime minister, elected by popular vote for a five-year term. On paper, the prime minister is vested with sweeping executive and legislative powers, making him a virtual dictator. In practice, however, the real power was held by the president, Sladin. The legislature is a unicameral National Assembly, elected every four years. An advisory body, the Corporative Chamber, nominally represents economic, social and cultural organizations. While opposition candidates theoretically can stand for office, in practice the system is so heavily rigged in favor of the official party, the National Union, that they have no realistic chance of winning.

The Earentian junta enforces nationalist and conservative Scurnist values on the Earentian population. The whole education system is focused toward the exaltation of the Earentian nation and its multi-century old traditions of peace and neutrality. The government also accepts the idea of corporatism as an economic model. Throughout the country, the Earentian Communist Party is intensely persecuted. as are Anarchists, Liberals, Republicans, and anyone opposed to the regime. The National Union embraces a wide array of right-wing politics, passing through monarchism, corporatism, para-fascism, nationalism, and capitalism.