Lorecia orthographic.png
Area20,029,500 km2 (7,733,400 sq mi)
Population1.426 billion?
Population density71.2/km2 (c. 184/sq mi)
LanguagesList of languages
Time zonesUTC+0 to UTC+4
Largest cities

Lorecia is an insular continent in northern Astyria. It is divided from its southern neighbour, Teudallum, by the Putin Strait. It is bounded to the north by some water, to the east by the Atlpacinarcticadian Ocean, and to the west by the Mederano Sea and the Wet Water.

Lorecia is the smallest of Astyria's five continents, with a land area of approximately 20,029,500 square kilometres (7,733,400 sq mi).


List of states and territories

The list below includes the countries and territories in Lorecia.

Flag Arms Name Area (km) Population Population density (per km) Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Aurora Confederacy Aurora Confederacy Aurora Confederacy ? ? ? Valeria-Port Aurora Aurora Confederacy
Aquitayne Aquitayne Aquitayne ? ? ? Telora Aquitayne
Aswick Aswick Aswick ? ? ? Winchester Aswick
Albeinland Albeinland Albeinland ? ? ? Castelby Albeinland
Noordenstaat Noordenstaat Noordenstaat ? ? ? Koninstad Noordenstaat
Nidwalden Nidwalden Nidwalden ? ? ? Cologne Nidwalden
Scanonia Scanonia Scanonia ? ? ? Kristianstad Skånien
Earent Earent Earent ? ? ? Eanbyre Earent
Haguenau Haguenau Haguenau ? ? ? [[Angoulême] Haguenau
Fyngaria Fyngaria Fyngaria ? ? ? Kíjmafőrsz Fjóngariká
Mizialand Mizialand Mizialand ? ? ? Heleventia La Mize, Mizialand
Template:Country data Belka Belka Belka ? ? ? Kíjmafőrsz Fjóngariká
Template:Country data Bhormakaro Bhormakaro Bhormakaro ? ? ? Purma ?
Template:Country data Nouvel Ecosse Nouvel Ecosse Nouvel Ecosse ? ? ? Edinburgh Nouvel Ecosse
Template:Country data Arstotska Arstotska Arstotska ? ? ? ? ?
Template:Country data Plaeteissen Adler Plaeteissen Adler Pläteissen Adler 57,200 5000000 85.59 IronFalcon Pläteissen Adler